Sunday, December 15, 2019

Christmas Letter 2019

Dear Friends,

As I write a Christmas/New Year letter, it’s been a good year.  As I look out the window, it is snowing…..finally.  With that coat of fluffy white stuff, it just makes this girl’s world a bit more magical.  

I know I have more blessings and good in my life, probably more than I deserve and most of all, knowing that, I am beyond grateful.

I am thankful for the hard times that forced me to step outside of my safe boundaries and that it made me have to refocus and grow, mentally, physically and spiritually.

I have had the honor of seeing my youngest daughter, Kaitlyn marry Soren Dorius, a truly remarkable man and who brought with him the most adorable little kiddos.  A bonus to all of us (3 more grand-angels to spoil!) My heart bursts with joy knowing my girl is happy and content. I love seeing her in her role as the bonus-mom when she tells us about the cutest, sweetest thing one of the kiddos did and I giggle when she tells me that after making them do something they didn’t want to do…. That she is the meanest step-mom…. Ever.  Lol…  I know her life is full, busy, chaotic and beautiful and whole.  

I love seeing the new life-light that burns bright in Jen, my oldest daughter’s eyes and I see how much she is growing, how happy and strong she is and that she is coming into her own power. And as she begins her journey as a single woman, it will be filled with so many new experiences. The road, I know from my past was long and hard, but I am here for her like I was for Kaitlyn, armed with a flashlight of experience to help if she needs it on her new journey.  Although from what I see, she is her own beacon of light and is finding her own pathway.

I have had a fun year with monthly my mom/daughter dates. My mom has been a good sport when I dragged her to movies where I didn’t read the reviews and well – we know what kinds of movies to now avoid. She continues to trust me when I say, let’s go do this!  Nonetheless quality time is always precious.

I’ve  enjoyed getting to know Rod’s kids, Chelsea and Zach just a little bit better.  I see Zach more often as he is a UI student and I’ve opened my home to him as a haven to get away, do laundry and supply snacks.  Chelsea, Dylan (her boyfriend), Rod and I have spent a couple of week-ends together and they are a fun couple to hang out with.

Time spent with family near and far are always treasured memories of the heart.  And hopefully we will get to spend more time together.   I look forward to retirement in June 2021, unless of course, unless I win the lottery and then it will be sooner. Lol

And last but not least, Rod and I spend as much time together as we can. His favorite story to tell people how perfectly matched we are is from this past summer after being gone for 2 weeks enjoying life on the boat, that we arrived back at my farmette after dark. The next morning, we arose, grabbed coffee with the intent to enjoy that strong black beverage, the paper and being home.  So off we trotted out to the patio in our bathrobes to enjoy a spectacular early summer morning.  As we looked around in the light of day, we saw so many weeds and the outdoor space of 6 acres was a mess after a recent wind storm.  Rod ended up weeding the garden and greenhouse and I strapped on the backpack sprayer – mind you we were still in our bathrobes as we worked outside.  We both laughed as we realized we were two peas in a pod, a bit crazy in that we couldn’t even enjoy leisurely coffee when we saw all that was needed to be done.  We were glad I lived in the country as antics like that probably wouldn’t go over very well in town. Come next Spring, Rod will sell his home in Spokane and we will join households here on my little piece of heaven. I didn’t think I’d really ever truly want to have a permanent person in my life again, but God had a plan.  And I can happily say, I love that plan for all the mostly “ups” with very few “downs” life is unfolding in a way that brings joy, happiness and experiences that continue to enrich my life.  As I said, I am grateful for all the blessings and people in my life. Just like my favorite movie, I realize that just like George Bailey, I have a wonderful life.

And for 2020 may it find you in a place where life will unfold in new and wondrous ways and that both you and I find joy in each day and make good use of it.   Wishing you all the best.  All my love, Gayle   

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  1. Merry Christmas! Good effort! Nice Christmas letter. It was great getting to spend some time with you guys. You don't realize over the years how important a friendship is until it's been revived. Penny and I hope to spend more time with you both and more great times. Take care and God bless.