Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Farm to Fork Harvest Report, Days 18 &19

Wheat harvest is well  underway all around us here in North Idaho, so come take a peek.  On Sunday, the little grand-angels wanted to get their first combine ride of the year with Papa (Farmer Joe) and here is a video (click here if unable to view) that I took while waiting for the combine to get to an area where we could safely stop for the little riders.

Me driving our diesel pickup out in the field, the girls loved the bumpy road and going up the hills

The product coming out to the combine into the grain cart will end up in the grocery stores
as flour or in crackers, cakes/cookies, bread & so much more!

A video to give you  an idea of what  harvesting on a hillside  looks like on the rolling hills of the "Palouse area" in North Idaho.  The grain cart waits in the field until the combines bulk tank is full and ready to unload.

The first ride in the combine is always an exciting event!

Papa and Miss N

Mama, (daughter Jen) helping Miss N down after her ride and Miss B
will take her ride with Papa

A picture shot while in the pick-up while waiting for Jen and Miss B

Jen and Miss B after her ride. Wheat stalks are scratchy on bare skin as well as
slick, so nice to hitch a ride in Mom's arms

Miss N wanted to eat some of the wheat kernels 
Miss B, our fashion diva, picking up wheat spilled on the ground
Hanging out with grandma while the big sisters rode with papa

Miss M was just more interested in her cookie
The crew was really excited  to see us because it meant I was bringing out cold drinks and peanut butter bars.
Cody, Ryan, Miss M, me and Miss B
We were short a tractor driver, so our new son-in-law took a couple of days off from his job and came out to help on Monday and Tuesday (today). 
Andrew enjoying getting to play with the big  "Tonka" toys

As I was heading through Genesee, the warehouse was starting to get busy with lots of trucks and semi-trucks getting unloaded.

And remember yesterday's blog about the Zucchini Cobbler Bars??? Well, here is a picture of them and the recipe will be posted on the OMG page, along with picture instructions.  After I made the first batch and gave them away, I couldn't help myself and had to make another batch, so this time I took pictures of the process. 
Zucchini Cobbler Bars ( a double yum factor)
 Well again, thanks for stopping by and I'll be posting more, so hope you will make it back. =)  As always, you can reach me at idahofarmwife@gmail.com or leave a comment, I love both.  All my best, Gayle.