Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Farmers Joe & Jay are getting excited to get into the field to start Spring work! For a farmer waiting to get into the field is probably a lot like a  football  fan eagerly awaiting the beginning of  football season. All the pre-game preparations, the anticipation for a great season, and hoping for a victory when the season has ended and the dust has settled.

So the pre-game activities on the farm have begun and we are putting the final touches of getting the equipment ready to head to down to the early fields on our Tammany farm, which is 37 miles away from our main shop and equates to about an hour drive at 60 mph, but flagging equipment is usually more like a  2 1/2 hour drive as the average speed is 15-20 mph as tractors aren't built for speed, so it is slow going.

Moving equipment requires planning and before we can head to the Tammany Farm, a flat tire is discovered and needs to be fixed.

Cody our hired man fixing a flat tire

Getting ready to roll 
With the beacon/flasher lights are secured on top of Joe's pick-up along with the oversize load sign, the farmers are off!

A slow trip as tractors aren't built for speed
Once the farmers get to the field,  the next thing that is done is to check the fall seeded winter wheat roots for signs of disease.  Depending on what is found will determine what type of treatment is sprayed on the plants.

Jay checking the wheat

Inspecting the plant roots to assess for root disease
The weather is being somewhat uncooperative and we still need to spray out the weeds that have sprouted in the fields that will now be planted to spring wheat.  Currently it is 39 degrees and a forecast of rain- so sort of a wait and see game plan as the weatherman is a fierce opponent. So stay tuned for more game plans.

As always, if you have questions, please email me at idahofarmwife@gmail.com. All my best, Gayle