Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Feeding America Day 2 of Harvest 2011

Day 2 of the winter wheat harvest went better for our crew and we were able to get into the field after lunch.  Above is actual video that Farmer Joe took on his camera.  The yields look good, some parts of the fields are yielding better than others, so until we harvest the entire field, we will not know what the average bushel to acre is, but we anticipate it being good.

Here is another video that showing Farmer Joe unloading the combine into the grain cart.  As the farmer said in the video, he is unloading the grain from the combine into the grain cart which is pulled by a tractor (and driven by Ryan) of which it will then be unloaded into a waiting semi-truck.  Once the semi is full it will head to the grain terminals which are located on the Port of Lewiston.
Ryan (sitting) and Cody on hand to help the mechanic if needed
while repairs are being made to one of the combines

The semi-trucks in the field waiting to be loaded
 As I've said before in my blogs, it takes a lot of equipment to feed America.

Farmer Joe and his big red combine
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