Sunday, April 8, 2018

A Heartfelt Note

Good morning and Sunday Blessings to you.

A couple days ago, I received an email from someone I've met through my writing.  She reached out to me, a heartfelt email saying she was struggling in her life, didn't like being single, was lonely and sometimes wished she would just go to sleep and never wake up.
This is part of what I wrote to her, and I felt moved to share it with you.  By now, I have realized that I don't question whether to share intense personal thoughts, I just do it because I feel compelled to do so.  The words, thoughts and feelings will flow and although it helps me intensely, maybe it helps you too. I hope so.  And with that.....

Dear friend,

My heart truly hurts for you.  Through all my heartache and hard times, I did not ever feel moved to wish I wasn't here on earth.  Please know I care.  As each person is the captain of their own ship, the course where you want to travel is up to you. While sometimes the journey is far from easy, each time I've left the rough waters and sailed into the smooth waters, a lesson has emerged and I've realized how much I needed to learn that particular lesson.  I found the silver linings.  Here are the things that I feel are necessary to navigate life's  journey. 

First, a thorough medial checkup. It is important for body, heart and soul to be healthy. 

Next is realizing you are a true work of art in God's eyes.  You have gifts to share, what they are, are only known to you and God, please don't waste them.  There is a plan and you are a needed part of the over all plan.  Look at life as a recipe being put together, perhaps you are the binder of all the other ingredients, such as flour, or maybe you are a minor part such as salt - but either way, both are important and critical to the success of the end product.  Without either, the recipe would fail.

Next surround you with supportive (good) people, whether it be family and/or friends  - hopefully it will be both.  Also seek out additional guidance, whether it be spiritual or a trained counselor.   

Next you need to commit to realizing that caring for your body, just like you would care for your child, is vital.  Take care of you!  Strive to eat right, get fresh air and exercise.  I love to walk (I’m not so great at getting myself into the gym… no one is perfect) .  I notice when I get cranky or feeling grumpy that I haven’t been outdoors as much as I need to be. Nature is my soothing balm to a hurting heart.

Then commit to doing 3 nice things for YOU..  EACH DAY.  It can be as simple as taking a bubble bath in the evening, giving yourself permission to watch a movie rather than mopping the floor, whatever – just do three nice things for you.

Find inspiration and read something that is good for the spirit.  I have found several books that I read and re-read.  Sometimes everyday, sometimes when I need them. Turn off the TV and listen to music.  Listen, really listen to the words of songs.  My personals fav are country and gospel rock, you can hear, feel and understand the pain, sorrow, joy and renewal that comes through music.

Please know through it all, that you are loved by our Lord, by so many others in this world, and that you a beautiful piece of work in the miracle of this so-called life here on earth.  Never give up.  Learn to embrace life and live the life you imagine.  You are the only thing holding you back.  Give yourself permission to seek what fills your heart, soul and mind.  And may you live the rest of your life with gratitude, grace and gumption.

All my best,