Friday, November 11, 2016


Thank you to all who serve our country. A heartfelt appreciation from one farm-chick

Happy Veteran’s Day America!  I am honored to be an American.  We have freedom of choice, freedom of speech and freedoms to enjoy that so many in other countries do not. With the onset of our recent Presidential election and people’s reactions, it seems to me that Americans have a choice, we are at a crossroad.  Locally as well as nationally.   

I awoke with the thought, that there is a certain kind of magic that happens when you step out of your comfort zone and share insights about the real you.  It was dark outside and as I reached for the clock to see what time it was, it was precisely 2:33am…….of course, I thought to myself. For some odd reason, this is the auto-set time this crazy farm-chick brain decides it’s time to begin another blog.  Somewhere along the line, I must have lost the “Gayle” owner’s manual that would give instructions on how to reset the “inspiration thought clock” buried somewhere deep in the brain….sigh.  So with a cup of tea in hand, here I am unsure how the story will unfold….. it may be long, but I think it’s important and hope you do too.

A few evenings ago I had attended an event hosted by President Schulz wherein the Board of Regents were able to mingle with one of the councils I work for. And it was at that event that a personal connection with others occurred. And it was authentically energizing as we went around the room and told a snippet about ourselves and in what area we worked in.  Once again I was in awe of the talent and accomplishments of others.  Afterward, I had an amazing conversation with one particular Regent, Ron Sims, former deputy secretary of the U.S. Housing and Urban Development.   He shared some highlights about changing the culture of your work world by getting out and talking to his staff, from the janitors to upper management. And the simple question he asked was, “who would you walk through a wall for?”   And when it was time to promote from within, his selection was easy and he knew who were the right people.  I was enchanted by the concept and thought, am I a person others would walk through a wall for?  I hope so.  In my world, there are so many people that I would walk through a wall for. Amazing people in all walks of life as they demonstrate love and compassion for others and doing the right thing. We can change our work world as well as our personal world by our choices.

So getting back to current events, yesterday an event stood out, a student had his car vandalized with crude and vindictive slurs written in red paint.  He couldn’t get it off and drove it anyway onto to campus.  When he came out of class, faculty and staff of about 20, were buffing the offensive words off his car.  A simple act of compassion for others was being demonstrated.  They were “righting a wrong”.  Let us all do more, especially now.  We have a great opportunity to show that we are still a great nation and that we can overcome the negativity that has seeped into our culture which has been stirred up by our politicians.  Let us be the example to combat racial tension, lifestyle choices and political affiliations.  We can agree to disagree, but do it constructively and in a way that is respectful. We know better than that. Come on folks!   I come from German stock, my maternal grandfather came from Germany when he was 13, sent by his parents for a chance at a better life. He was alone in this country and didn’t even know the language.  He was deeply embarrassed by the acts of his country, in so much that never taught his children his native language, nor spoke about his childhood.  He considered himself an American and embraced the American culture.  If you see injustice, combat the negativity and do something that demonstrates compassion and good.  Together, let’s show the world that we are bigger than that, we can come together in a way we never have before and move forward.  So let us be the “change you want to see in the world” great words spoken by Gandhi.  And yes, that means me and you… yes all 324,721,000 of us. Can you imagine what the USA would look like if in one day over 324,721,000 acts of good happened?  I for one want to be the kind of person others would walk through a wall for.  So each day, I will pledge to help, show kindness and try my darn-est to live a life of compassion and forgiveness.

As always, thank you for stopping by and as always, you can reach out via email at .  All my best, Gayle 
Out of the darkness comes the rainbow, a sign of hope.