Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Field Trip to the Port of Lewiston

How does the grain from our farm and many others on the "Palouse"  end up reaching those far away lands across the ocean?  Well, last Monday I was able to get a quick tour from Arvid Lyons, Manager of the Lewis Clark Terminal located in the Port of Lewiston. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Glance into Farm life, Part I

Have you ever walked by someone’s house, perhaps glanced in the window and it made you wonder about what that person’s life was really like?   I admit that I am fascinated how other people live, and that is why I started this blog, to give you a front-porch view of what life is like for this farm-wife on the Anderson Farm.  
American Living, Small Town Style: Chapter One

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The moon says Hello!
It is 4:07am and my cold & flu ridden body has announced that it’s time to get up because it feels better. Geez, I’m a morning person, but this is a tad extreme (I’m sure the dairy farmers are up long before this so I’ll quit whining) …. And so on this cold dark February morning let me catch you up on what has been going on at the Anderson Farm. 2 days after getting back from the Hawaiian field trip, Farmer Joe had wheat industry meetings to attend, both in Boise and then a few days later in our national’s capitol. This year he is the president of the Idaho Grain Producer’s Association (IGPA) and his volunteer duties include lots of winter meetings as the farm fields lie in wait for the warmth of spring to come.

Yup, the farmer cleans up pretty good! =)