Friday, March 23, 2018

Words and a Masterpiece of Life

Last night's sunset was a glorious color that took my breath away

Hello friends

I’ve neglected my blog a bit and it’s not that I forgot about writing to you, it is just the opposite, as you are on my mind a lot and I’ve felt guilty…..  To explain my absence, I’ve been focusing on getting a solid start on a book that I’m working on which is about the art of healing and lessons 101 of creating a new life. I finally reached a point where I feel I’m ready to open up that part of my life, plus I’ve been feeling the nudging by a higher power.  To be honest, it has been brutally hard going back to a dark time in my life, and I tried two times before in the last five years to begin, but I quickly found I wasn’t ready. Both times threw me into a depression, so I’ve been a bit tentative as I have begun forging forward on the book. My idea of the ideal writing time was over the winter months, all cozied up to the fireplace, but I found that I have to balance it with what energizes and restores my sanity, which is being outside and playing in the dirt.  And the last few random days of sun and warm temps have been good for this farm-chick.  So when the words begin to flow, I have to decide where do they fit? A start for a Home and Harvest article, this blog or the book?  Imagine words swirling around like smoke and each story concept has a specific direction, so random notes, thoughts and ideas get sorted as best I can.  Of course, ideally, I would love to write full time, but it’s that pesky thing about wages and medical benefits and working full time off the farm which dominate my days for the time being.  Having three on-going writing projects keeps me up at night.

All I know is that today is all I have and I need to connect more with you as it honestly helps me connect more with me.  I think I need to just jot down a few words, add in a few pictures and share the world as I see it in a more simple way. And when the long heartfelt blogs need posting, well it won’t be so long between times.

Tonight I learned an acquaintance that I knew from attending one of the very first Dinner on the Farm events a few years ago  had passed away.  Nels was a kind man who had applied to be a guest as he wanted to understand how wheat was grown and connect to the farmer.  From that experience he took that knowledge back to his new business venture, Panhandle Artisan Bakery and fabulous as well as tasty works of art became a mainstay in stores and the farmer’s market.  I remember him talking about surviving his first year in business and he was jubilant about continuing the second year. 

Seriously, nothing warms this girl’s heart more than to see someone make their dreams come true and create their success story.   It also makes me once again realize that our life here on earth has an expiration date known only to God, and that we need to cherish each day as it is precious and meant to be lived fully.

RIP Nels - You will be missed

And as I close, I want to repeat my words from the article in  last Home andHarvest Magazine, live your passion, do what makes you happy. Even if it isn’t full time, it still can fill up your heart and soul.  Write your own success story, your masterpiece awaits and you are worth it.

Till the next time we meet, take care.  If you want to share what your masterpiece from your life is, well I’m just a click away at www.swheatfarmlife,net , and I’d love to hear from you.  All my best, Gayle