Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Growing some of Thanksgiving Staples


Today as we gather around a table heaped with good food, we are reaping the benefits of the long hours and expense toiled by the 2% of those whose job is to feed you, me and the other 319 million people in the USA.  There is a prayer excerpted from the book Bless this Food: Ancient &Contemporary Graces from Around the World © 2013 Adrian Butash and in it my favorite prayer (#90) talks about this very fact.   Unfortunately I don’t have the authorization to publish that prayer, but I did provide a link for the book as it is an interesting read that will fill you with true gratefulness as we celebrate Thanksgiving and the blessings bestowed upon us, not only for tomorrow, but in our daily life.  I will however be able to post another prayer from this comforting book in the event you need one for your dinner today.  So read on…. =)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Early Frosty Morning Walk

Early frosty mornings have a beauty all to themselves.  And while the nut behind the camera would not have won any “best dressed outdoor wear” awards, rather I most likely would have ended up on a “what not to wear” list with my own stamp of grungy rural look…..

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Inspired Farm-chick Living

Fall +Pumpkins = Fabulous
My front porch display at my farmhouse

Now that Fall weather has arrived …. So has my inspiration for cooking and creating.   As I write this the smell of pumpkin brownies makes me want to rethink eating something healthy for breakfast and just go straight for one of my favorite flavor combinations, pumpkin and chocolate.  Two flavors that I never would have put together had it not been for this cake….