Sunday, November 24, 2013

Early Frosty Morning Walk

Early frosty mornings have a beauty all to themselves.  And while the nut behind the camera would not have won any “best dressed outdoor wear” awards, rather I most likely would have ended up on a “what not to wear” list with my own stamp of grungy rural look…..
but what can I say  in my own defense I was in a hurry to capture some great photos!  Secretly I did hope that no one I knew would be traveling my country gravel road on an early Sunday morning with my odd array of outdoor clothes, half zipped winter boots over wind pants & a cap pulled over my really crazy “straight from bed hair” J.  And so quickly clipping the leash onto my new rescue dog  we headed out for an early frosty morning walk.

Frosty Morning on the Palouse

Below is frost on one of my "antique farm yard ornaments"

I saw this sign (below) and it is one that I have passed hundreds of times as I drive or walk by it.... and the thought crossed my mind that while the roads in life we walk through usually don't have signs to guide us, warn us, or tell us what is up ahead.... that sometimes it is better we don't know what lies ahead.  And through everything, so many lessons were learned along the way and will continue to serve a purpose and be a guiding light in my life, that I appreciate what I have learned along this "farm chicks' road of living".  And with that in my next blog will share my Thanksgiving, and this year there will be new faces among the table of the new people in my life and in Kaitlyn's as well.  And as Martha Stewart says.... it is a good thing.

                                          My German Shepard buddy, Luna.

The field activity has ceased and there is a stillness in the farm fields as the combines finished the task of harvesting abundant crops this past August and September .  After  that  the tractors & seeding drills planted Winter Wheat and the new crop is now up with a hint of green blades showing up.  As the quiet time descends, it will only  be a few short months until the tractors and seeding drills come out to play once Spring appears and while I like the activity,  I relish this hushed silence.

Fall decorating will soon be replaced next week with Christmas decorations!  Yippee!! After Thanksgiving I like to dress up the farm house with my 14 tubs (yes really) of holiday decorations.

I have been baking and trying out recipes from some really great cookbooks that have been sent to me, like the one above. 

I also made these yummy taste treats again and they are a piece of heaven wrapped up in a cookie bar....  Cranberry Turtle Bars

I have to close for now and get gussied up for a date with the new man in my life as I am pretty sure the rural grungy look I was sporting isn't the look I want to portray.  LOL!!  Anyway, thank you so much for stopping by.  Drop me an email  to say hi or post a comment as I always love to hear from you all.  Talk to you soon! All my best, Gayle

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