Sunday, April 16, 2017

Spring, Easter and New Beginnings


Hello friends,

I began this blog post in the wee hours of the morning and it’s been on hold for a couple of weeks awaiting being connected up to the internet. Tonight, having just arrived home from a large family gathering to celebrate Easter, it just seemed fitting to write about new beginnings.  It has been a hectic few weeks since we last connected and one morning in the quiet darkness, somewhere inside me it said it’s time to write again.  And when it’s time for the words to spill out on paper (so to speak) I have learned better than to try to ignore it and now it’s time to catch you up…..

In the last Home and Harvest magazine article I wrote about the journey of getting here .   By here I mean a new beginning in a new town and in a new place that feels like home.  There have been so many changes going on - some expected… some not.  The expected ones were my old place sold in record speed and the closing was in 4 weeks….. and oh my!  A big task for all the treasures this girl had gathered.  Pairing down was put into breakneck swiftness for the race to pack and move.  I had anticipated a fast sale and had found and bought a vintage beauty before I had put my other place on the market.   

The unexpected change was in my relationship status and in the midst of all the moving chaos, my significant other and I had to part ways.  There were callings on his part that he had no choice but to take care of and it meant the end for us.  And while he was here for a short time in my life , he was the catalyst for helping me see that I needed to begin again in a fresh new place to make new memories.  Plus he helped me start thinking that maybe someday I would consider marriage.  My friend Heather says, sometimes people come into your life for a reason, and it might be just a short time or maybe a long time, but they come to help us learn what we need to learn.

And so  tonight I am here in my new-to-me “ vintage beauty”. 
The Sun Room, a fire going, music playing... next step is to get it furnished with a comfy sofa!

I truly fell in love with this place, the moment I saw it,  and just like Spring, a new beginning has come.  I moved in the night before my birthday as I wanted to awake in my new home.  When I went to bed that night the view from my bedroom window was spectacular, almost magical and it reminded me of my childhood nights looking at the stars under the big Montana sky.  
My room and the view of the night sky is breathtaking. There is an apple tree just outside the window too!
 The next morning, a cup of coffee in hand, I introduced myself to all the rooms in the house and then wandered around the acreage with the dog in tow.  I took delight in seeing all the budding plants emerge and can’t wait to see this place in full summer ware.

It's like having my own little park

Wheat fields and mountain views.... nothing prettier for this girl

A greenhouse!  I'm hoping there is a book on "greenhouses for dummies" 
I had been thinking I needed a barn cat and just last weekend a black one showed up.  So I’ve been feeding it and named it Black Magic.  Hopefully it understands its role here on the new S-Wheatfarm locale.  Also I’ve decided I need a pick-up truck…. and I was telling family tonight about needing a cat and one just showed up…. So now I’m hopeful that the pick-up truck fairy will show up and drop one off.  Like the cat, I don’t think I’ll get to choose the color….  And when I awoke this morning, well….  I didn’t see  a truck today, but I’m thinking tomorrow looks pretty good!  (yup that is the hopeful side of me)!! Lol    I’ll let you know how that one works out.

I love this picture.... it makes me smile
With that, thank you for stopping by and I hope your Easter was as wonderful as it was for me. And if new beginnings are awaiting for you, well I truly wish you the best.

As always, feel free to drop me an email at  or leave a comment.  I can guarantee you that it makes my day.  Well back to unpacking.... and I'll share more soon!
All my best, Gayle