Friday, September 28, 2018

It's Time....

The house is quiet, the beauty of the last glimmers of a warm September afternoon have faded into darkness.  I arrived home from work just early enough to pour myself a glass of wine and take a walk around my little piece of heaven.  My heart is thankful.  I also know it's time........

My mini version of Green Bluff, apples, pears, plums

A favorite view, an iconic barn, farm fields and mountains

I remember this day and this past week from six years ago.  September 23, 2012 was the day that started a catalyst of events that changed the landscape of not only my youngest daughter’s life, but mine as well.  Whether it is someone who left this world due to being unable to cope with depression or in my case, his desire to leave a marriage, the chain of events within that 2 week period would forever alter the paths that Kaitlyn and I were on.  And it pushed us to limits we didn’t know we could survive.  Fast forward six years,  we are both in a good place in our lives now, we are strong, we are happy, content and we each have found a very special someone that complete our lives.  Geographically, we both have different physical landscapes now with me moving to Moscow and Kaitlyn moving to Maryland, but our bond is close no matter the distance.  (Luckily my other sweet earth angel, daughter Jen lives close by -another saving grace)

This was my evening just a couple days ago, Rod cooking dinner for us
As weird as it seems, I've been avoiding writing for a few months, and until this week when a sweet thing happened, I now feel the story has come full circle.  I've had this idea for a book on life, living, cooking, healing ........ but to be honest, I really didn't want to go back to those dark days.  So I put my computer under my bed.... but I guess the Universe has other plans . And this week, I know my journey has ended and I know this is where I needed to be.  I also know  that I can use my words to help, it's time to write. 

With that, I invite you to send me a story of a special life lesson that was pivotal to you. I need to hear other's stories. Feel free to email me at  Plus if I have your permission, I may add these to the book. 

Happy Fall my friends. 

All my best,  Gayle