Saturday, September 6, 2014

Living a Kaleidoscope Kind of Life

This saying says it all and  hangs in my living room, a gift from daughter, Jen
It's been a while since we chatted and the random thoughts and words have been rattling around my brain for a few weeks now, waiting patiently until I had a moment to sit and let them flow.
As for me the art of rebuilding a new life has been a bit like living in a Kaleidoscope with swirls of thoughts, feelings, smells and re-connecting with the old Gayle, all these things are scattered about to form a crazy colorful pattern of what I guess is my life.  I still don’t have the big picture of what this life will look like, but each day seems to unfold in a way that makes me observe, listen and see things anew.   While experiencing this new chapter, the recent wheat harvest was bittersweet.  The dusty/earthy smells of wheat being cut, hearing the sounds of the machines as well seeing them move methodically through the fields were reminders of what my former life looked like.  And while I have adjusted quite well and am happy, this part of the Ag industry will forever tug on my heart strings. And that is why I continue with the blog – reporting as a landlord rather than a farm partner and talking to you.  It’s a creative outlet that keeps my creative juices flowing.  
(Make sure and check out Luna, the farm dog’s thoughts on harvest)
The Hallmark Bag says it so well

Without intending to, I've been playing more than writing and working around my place.  And it feels good, but it is still a learned and conscious effort to remember to relax and enjoy the wonderful people around me.  My warped sense of humor keeps finding ways to emerge in full color to poor unsuspecting folks…. Like for instance,  I, along with my outrageous Montana cousins, 
planned  a surprise “re-hitching ceremony American style” for my brother and his new wife at their wedding reception held a few weeks after they had gotten back from being married in Jamaica.... 

This is what a "not-so-normal" family picture looks like
 Before that, I attended my a family graduation... and again, the crazy cousins and I showed up like this..
 and we made our moms wear the animal hats too.....(after this I'm probably gonna be cut out of "Mom's Will")

Then I did this... if you can't view it, click here

(plus it is amusing to make your kids wonder about their “gene pool”!  LOL – I think it’s called payback!! Ha ha ha.  .. Yup if you counted all the goofy and crazy things that I do, well this would be about number 982 reasons why my daughters wonder if I'm normal! =)

Then my  love for cowboy boots - a completely new thing for me and so far I am now the proud owner of  14 pair of cowboy boots, and 5 pair of non-cowboy boots.  These are now standard gear both in and out of the office.  They pair well with my jean jacket and dresses and I rarely wear
 girl-shoes now.

I’m still baking, not as much during the summer, but have to share this new cake recipe…quite yummy if I say so myself.
Berry Centered Yellow Cake 
And last but not least when talking about dreams that come true, I am excited to tell you that Kaitlyn eloped last week!  She is so happy, she just glows, which puts a smile on her mamma's heart. As soon as I get to see pic's of the wedding, I'll share.

As always, thanks for stopping by and I'll do my best to not let it be so long between chats. I just uploaded a few new photos too on the At Home Page too.  Feel free to send me an email at or leave a comment, as I love to 'em.  Also I am still writing for America's Farmers blog site, and mine is always called "A Recipe for a Good Life" series. The  September blog is slated to be published this month, so hope you check it out. All my best, Gayle