Sunday, May 19, 2019

Another Day In Paradise

Just another day in paradise! (really it's me after a long day of playing in the dirt)
Happy Sunday!

A colleague and I had dinner the other night to catch up  and we had both promised each other the first nice day we had, we’d go celebrate and grab a beer after work.  Ha! Whatever were we thinking? Several of many first nice days came and went and she, like me lives alone on several acres, works full time and well…… when you live in the country, there is always a long list of tasks waiting.  I didn’t need to apologize for not making good on the sunny afternoon lounging over an adult cocktail, as she had the exact same mind set as me.  

My wheel barrow, shovel and rake are well used

So the first rainy day, I emailed her and said let’s get together!  Over dinner we compared notes on our lives, on our reasons why as single women, we  both deliberately chose to live in the county and how we cherish our little pieces of heaven.   We relish our time when we get our hands dirty and the hours spent behind a shovel, rake or garden tractor.   We agreed that country living is not for everyone (nor the faint of heart), and those that don’t live on acreage have any idea of the sheer amount of work it takes to keep up a place. I told her the first time I had met my mailman, I was in a dress, cowboy boots, a cowboy hat and was on my riding lawnmower.   I’m sure it was an unusual sight… but then again well ....if you know me, normal in my world is just a setting on the dryer.  So as he dropped off the package, he was being chatty and said something about how my husband I and keep our place so nice. I told him there wasn’t a husband, just me. He looked shocked, then recovered and said wow, that’s cool I guess. I guess the thought of a lone woman buying her own place and keeping it up was outside of his version of normal.  Lol
This red tractor is a signature piece of my "yard art"
When I bought the place two years ago, Rod wasn’t in the picture, but our creator knew what he was doing when our paths crossed.  Rod loves my place and we have spent many enjoyable hours working side by side.  For both of us, this is new having a yard work-mate, as his late wife didn’t like yard-work and my ex-farmer husband, didn’t either.  So we relish our times playing in the dirt together, having coffee in the morning on the new patio and deciding what new landscaping project needs to be done and then at the end of the day enjoying a cold beer.
Another sweet spot for morning coffee
Lately though, we’ve decided this thing called work is interfering with our time to play in the dirt as well as enjoy "other yet to be named adventures".   As we talk about what life looks like in a couple of years, we have no doubt in our minds that retirement looks inviting.

At any rate, I thought I’d give you a quick tour of what my place looks like and what keeps this girl (& Rod) happy. 

My other iconic piece of yard art and beside it I've started my lavender garden

More of my treasures, old bikes and buckets

The orchard! Rod trimmed up everything last Fall, 5 apple trees, 1 cherry, 2 plum, 2 pear, 2 peach trees.
A view from the orchard to the shop that Rod, I and his son Zach stained 2 summers ago. Rod has been insulating the shop... his needed "man cave" in the works!

A yard-sale find that now is yet another planter
Last of my yard-art that I had hauled from my Genesee  farm. This made the new place home

After the nasty juniper bushes were removed, Rod & I planted all sorts of plants, he put in a drip line to save on hours of watering.  Let me tell you that a cold beer after that day was a treat.
Last summer I had a garage built next to the house. Rod and I painted it. And for the record, he loves to paint
After the garage was built, there was a huge mud bog... so I hired a contractor to put in the patio.  Lazy days spent out here is what I envision retirement to look like.  I can hardly wait!

We christened the patio on Mother's Day this year

My little sweeties

And that's a wrap
As always, thanks for stopping by. Wishing you a great rest of the day and for me, well I'm taking  the advise the author who emailed me and suggested I read other women's memoirs to get a sense of their style and what appealed to me... so it's a work/pleasure sort of day, plus a little bit of bliss soaking up some sun.

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Friday, May 10, 2019

Women - the 8th Wonder of the World!

Me in my in my imperfectly perfect place

A few years back, a group of us farm-wives were chatting about our lives and the ever-growing demands on our time, referring to family, jobs outside the home as well as the full time job of in the home and around the farm.  And I’ll never forget the comment one friend said, “I need a wife!!”  Meaning, she wanted a person who would be the behind the scenes fixer, the person who shopped, cooked, cleaned, did laundry, ran errands, and took care of all the details large and small to make life run smoothly.  Basically, to me, it sounded a lot like a personal servant. And I have to tell you it sounded absolutely divine.  The moment she uttered those words, we all stopped talking, looked at her in awe and agreed, we all needed wives!  

As Mother’s Day approaches, let us celebrate us as women.  We are amazing in our own right.  Let us celebrate the woman who kissed our scrapes and told us all would be well, the woman who helped make life as we grew up just a little bit better, the comfort of the company of your own kind that can laugh with you as well as commiserate the ups and downs of life.  We do so much, sometimes with so little and make it look effortless to the outside world.  I think women, and I mean all women are truly the 8th Wonder of the World, and I’m serious.  We are an amazing breed and we need to take the time to celebrate the beauty in each of us, in our lives.  Whoever you are, where ever you are as you are reading this, know that you are a unique and remarkable in your own wright.

Happy Mother’s Day to all, whether you are actual moms or not, remember to treat you like you would a child by making sure to nurture, care and protect you. And I’ll leave you with this quote that my friend, Vicki sent to me  that sums it up perfectly……There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection, to me that is the true essence of beauty ~Steve Maraboli

Wishing you a wonderful day to celebrate you!  And a blessed Mother's Day to all the women in my life who are extraordinary in my eyes.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

A God Kiss

Hello dear friends,

If you have been or are still a follower of the blog, you have noted that it is sadly lacking in current content, mostly a hit or miss event. And I deeply apologize and will strive to do better. And while I have all sorts of words that have been wanting to get said, I’ve been floundering….. big time.  And I miss you and I miss writing regularly. 

As I pour myself a cup of coffee, I start my day off  reading the daily passage from a book called Journey to the Heart. I read and reread this book every year and the pages are worn, tattered, earmarked and have markings on the pages that had or still have significant meaning to me.  In it the author talks about how the universe sends down blessings to you and it is just at the right moment. It could be a person or event and it happens exactly when you needed it.  And the term that I heard just a couple months ago says it all… that you were sent a “God Kiss”.  

I’ve been trying to work for sometime on an inspirational cookbook and while  I have content,  it’s a mess of jumbled words and thoughts. It needs order and help… lots of help.   And because I am at a stand still, yet wanting to get it to completion... well as weird as it seems, I’ve noticed  the universe is nudging me to get back on track and buckle down on my book.  Maybe because since I’m being slow and probably being kind of stupid… I’ve had some pretty significant “nudges”  with  the first that came to me a day before Easter.  It was from a cookbook author acquaintance friend who had texted me and several other people about her new FB page on her as an author and on publishing. 

And then 2 days ago,  I had the most amazing thing happen….. another author who writes novels reached out to me from my blog and here is some of what the author wrote:
“I found your blog months ago but have only in the last few days read it in its entirety. I was searching for a clear picture and timeline of farming/harvest/planting--technical stuff. Your blog was perfect. I devoured the first (beginning) years of it, taking notes. I'd planned to reach out and thank you then for sharing all about  your farm and your life as a farm wife and the Ag industry. I read the first few years or so, then decided just this weekend to go back to your blog and read through the newer stuff, just in case I missed something. When again do they plant garbanzo beans in the Palouse?--that sort of info.
Needless to say, my heart literally sank when I learned of the loss you and your daughter suffered. I had not planned to read your blog for anything more than farm and geographic information: research. I was deeply moved. I had to reach out. I do not reach out often and am a super private person and "lone writer." But your recovery was awe-inspiring. Your resilience, motivating. Your spirit and love of life, beautiful.”   After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I almost wept with joy and wrote back to her thanking her for the heartfelt and beautiful thoughts on my blog.

Twice now, this I’ve had the universe prod me in less than a month… guess what, I’m listening!  

Yesterday, the book author wrote me again this time with some very detailed and helpful outlines and tips on what to do next…. And I’m excited.  I know in my heart this was a true “God Kiss” with a little more punch!  So tomorrow as with the rest of many days, I’ll set my alarm for 5:00 am to write.  
A beautiful sunrise last summer

She also told me to keep up the blog posts too. So that is what I’m going to do. Take care my friends and I hope your own version of God Kisses come your way .   

As always, I love hearing from you, so feel free to send me an email at  Blessing to you!     All my best,  Gayle