Sunday, March 12, 2017

Home is a Vintage Beauty

Greetings friends! I wanted to thank those that left me comments about the last blog post and my journey on searching for a new place to call home.  A reader and friend, Mikilann, hit it the nail on the head when she commented  that I’d know the right place when it felt like home. I was having serious bouts of reconciling my love of country living and having another “farmette” with the realities of town living.  The upcoming article in the next Home and Harvest magazine talks a bit about my journey … so that is all I’ll say for now.

I sort of consider myself an “old soul”  and some of my favorite things that I surround myself with are often times bought at  estate sales, flea markets or antique stores.  It’s sort of comforting if they have a scratch or two, or a stain and I like to think that those imperfections had a great story behind it. To give you an insight of how this crazy farm-chick brain works, I would look at stained linens and think I’ll bet this happened at a Christmas dinner when Uncle Art’s toupee fell off when he was laughing at a joke an spilled his wine…”  you know, that sort of story that I create in my mind.    But back to my big announcement!   I saw a place that spoke to my soul, it is old but lovingly restored, there are some dents, imperfections and charm galore to make my heart skip a beat.  As of last Friday, I am the official owner of vintage beauty which will now be the new location for my S-Wheat Farm.  The setting speaks to my soul, as it is set amidst farm fields plus has a close up view of  the mountains.   A perfect blend for my love of  wheat fields and the mountains that I grew up with.  Like my momma says, once a Montanan, always a Montanan… guess she’s right. But I still need to see those rolling hills of the Palouse.

Today as I was moving some stuff into the barn, one of my neighbors stopped by to welcome me to the neighborhood.  It warmed my heart and I knew I was home.

It is bittersweet to be moving, cleaning and readying my Genesee place for the new owner – just like Spring, it is a new season and a new start is on the horizon for this gal.  I have lots of plans... and like it or not..... well I'm dragging you with me on the next round of adventures.  Lol

An exciting day in this girl's world!

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Wee Hour Thoughts, Maybe a New Beginning

A favorite picture on this girl's farmstead
Well my friends, I awoke at 2:02 am with lots of thoughts and emotions rolling around in this crazy farm chick brain of mine.  And while I started pouring out my feelings for a blog post… it quickly felt like the words and ideas would be good material for the next Home and Harvest magazine issue… of which the deadline is looming. So I switched gears and thought I would quickly update you from the last time I wrote. 

While I am still anxious about selling my sweet place and moving….. which is why I am sitting here by the fireplace and writing in the wee hours of the morning -  I’m excited and scared. Tomorrow I’m headed to Moscow to see a vintage farmhouse on a few acres and the listing says the house has been restored.  The pictures look enticing and I wonder if I will feel a sense of being home?  Earlier in the week, I took a long walk pondering on where I should move and the future.  Could I live in town? Like have neighbors and sidewalks?  Then thoughts  or perhaps a longing for  another little farmstead were still clinging to my soul and I saw an ad for a small little place for sale.  It’s just outside the city limits of Moscow…. And well it looks perfect. Or at least my idea of perfect.  So I’ll head back to bed, hope I can sleep and I’ll update you, to be continued……

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Transitions and "What ifs"

It’s 1:13am and I awoke with the thoughts about moving from my farm, and it makes me nervous.  
Part of my farm-stead (in the daylight)

On one hand it will be a whole lot less work, and last summer when I would hop on the tractor to move a pile of whatever…. I would pause and think – I am alone out here, is this really a good idea?    So back to the moving thoughts, am I nuts to sell? Maybe, but after fours years of being on my own, the farming activity that happens all around me is still hard. Maybe a change of scenery will be good for me.

A nighttime sky picture taken from the internet  - as my camera doesn't have the proper lens to take a shot like this. But this is what it looks like just outside my house. Beautiful!
I’ve never been one to let opportunities pass, my life motto has been “I don’t want to live life with what ifs”..... so I will forge ahead and make the plunge.  Of course I do it in my usual fashion, so it is  is more like “invade” and it’s usually done with humor and gusto. My “what ifs” has always been a determining factor in my work life, and sometimes the career choices, while not always financially the best, always lead to experiences that I could draw from and helped me along the way to the next adventure.  So what next? Who knows?  All I know is that it will be bittersweet if /when I do sell my farmhouse. Honestly, I think it would be good for me mentally as this winter has been a struggle with all the snow and feeling isolated. – guess I could sum it up as my winter of discontent.    But in a moment, I’m going to pull on winter gear and go out in the 11 degree night to look at the stars and ask the universe to help guide me on the next new adventure. 
Another pic I like, a tractor under the stars 

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