Thursday, June 22, 2017

Adirondack Chairs and Dating


Roses from my garden

Tonight standing on the deck overlooking a spectacular view of the rolling hills from a friend’s getaway cabin,  I was memorized  by the site of two perfectly positioned Adirondack chairs. They were placed to enjoy the view  with that special someone.  Maybe it was because I was there to celebrate my dear friend’s happy addition to their family, a new daughter-in-law just fresh from eloping with their son.  And the chairs and the happy look of the cute little couple  made me realize that it’s time to start dating again. The world is made for two…. And I’m ready.  =)

Earlier today I had my beloved red vintage tractor delivered to my new place and it seems like my life has settled down and there is a feeling of pure and divine contentment.  I’ve planted myself in a new spot that makes me happy and now it is time to complete the final happy piece of the puzzle called love…. To be continued.   

My tractor is home now and all is well

Take care and wishing everyone a great week-end.  All my best, Gayle

Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Rebuilding of a Life 101 and Hidden Gems

Holy cow!   I can’t believe it’s been one month and a day since I last posted on the blog.  Okay for starters, so far in the 8 weeks of living in my new little piece of paradise, I’ve painted one bedroom and have a good start on the other guest room, I’ve refinished 3 pieces of furniture… pictures to follow. 
Master bathroom vanity - Before

Same vanity - now AFTER.  Distressed in my personal farm-chick style

Guest bedroom armoire - before

Armoire AFTER

A yard sale desk that I wanted to use as my make-up vanity - BEFORE

My vanity AFTER (much needed as I seem to have lots of stuff)

On the outside, well oh my…. I took myself down to the local building supply store and bought a push mower, then a weed eater to accessorize the riding lawn mower for the large area that I mow and need to keep up.  I am in the beginning stages of a building project… a new 2 car garage.  I also had to buy another back pack sprayer for massive amounts of 2-4-D needed to tame the broad-leaf weeds…. So it’s safe to say that I’ve bonded quite well  and had lots of quality time with two backpack sprayers. It just occurred to me that maybe I should name them.  Any suggestions?
I bought myself something that looks like a park

I have this little area outside my home office window and it’s my private hidden gem.  It really isn’t much, a steep hillside that ends with a stone ledge and has a fruit tree at the bottom.  But  I like the view and can imagine myself sitting there, writing away.  From the looks of  the little area, it may have been well tended at one time, but it now sports an overgrown haphazard look. (it’s fair to say it probably looks like my morning hairdo.. yup that bad!  Lol)   I‘ve started to clean it up and sort of have a plan of what I want it to look like and have started planting all sorts of interesting plants that should grow and thrive.  Getting stuff in the ground has been a bit tricky since I have actually slid down the steep hill….  (promise I'll snap some pictures !)

Like almost everything in my life, I haven’t really had a master plan of what the overall picture of life should look like, I just make it up as I go.  Sometimes that is good and sometimes not.   I may have accomplished more in my life if I had actually had goals and plans, but it has just sort of evolved and the pathways that I walked down have been filled with many life lessons but lots of love and support.  I have two beautiful daughters where our relationships have gone from parent/child to being friends.  And family, both those who are actual family and those who are just like family, are my cherished bright spots.

Now as I start down a new chapter in this girl’s life I wonder what the overall picture will look like.  I sort of imagine my life is  like my little hidden gem outside my office window where there is a mix and match of interesting things growing. And that will one day have an array of colors that range from flowers to light up the soul  to a  good ground cover for stability.   This hidden gem that I compare to my life to will be the constant reminder that sometimes if there isn’t constant tending and taking care of yourself and your  life that it can fall in disrepair.  And now I’m paying attention to what I need to keep me balanced, which is not always an easy task but I give it a good try.  I’m enjoying the process of  growing in ways I never thought possible, meeting so many interesting people, learning to play and laugh, and giving myself permission to enjoy life.  Having the mystery of the unexpected and unplanned makes for an interesting life, or at least from my perspective and a fertile field to plan the next season of life.   

Capturing a storm rolling in... wild and beautiful

With that, please feel free to leave comments, thoughts, questions at as they always make my day.  All my best, Gayle

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Happy Land and Life

Looking out the window my dad commented, the land looks happy.  He isn’t a man that believes in chit-chat and is often more silent than not.  And the comment just struck me how true it was.  As I looked at the scene along highway 95 that I have looked at for the last 30+ years, I had to agree with him, the land looked happy. 

One of my fav pictures I took of the "happy land" here in the heart of the Palouse
 I’m not sure about other people, but for me the connection between my life and the land that I live on is a direct connection to my personal happy factor.  This week-end marks the 4th week  I have lived on my new farmette and as I gaze around,  I’m enjoying the progressive surprises of seeing what new plants pop up.  And today when I was in Genesee, I looked over my farm ground and by gosh, it looked happy too.  A bit soggy in places, but happy.

This is becoming one of my favorite things to photograph at my new place. Can it get any better? A barn, fields amid the backdrop of mountains?

A couple of days ago I had my office peeps over for a going away dinner party for a dear friend who is also my mentor and supervisor.  I’m going to miss her terribly and wanted to create a special evening  to send her off on her own new chapter of life.  As I was puttering around in the kitchen, there was a sense of well-being and good mojo vibes.  Long story short, it was probably one of the most enjoyable nights as a hostess ….ever.  Over a glass of wine I gave them a tour of the house, and my friend said, I thought you had moved from Genesee  into  town .... and someone else in the group piped up with the comment that “for Gayle this is town living”….  Meaning that being out of town a couple of miles is my version of “town living”. Something about wide open spaces is good for the soul. Anyway the dinner party was a success – hearty comfort food (a couple kinds of dessert), conversation was great, and we lingered at the table from 7:30 to close to midnight. Having friends over was like a big ole dollop of whipping cream over something yummy. I’m thinking this needs to be a regular event of gathering friends and family around the dinner table again. It's time.

Berry Cobbler and Chocolate Raspberry infused cake

 With that, I hope wherever you are, that your abode is your happy place too. And with that, I'm signing off as this scene of a recent sunrise  will be here in a few short hours.... as  always, feel free to send an email with questions, comments or thoughts either on the blog or at   All my best, Gayle