Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

A Valentine's Day picture drawn by Miss B

Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope this day finds you happy, healthy and that you have a special someone to share the day with. 

A couple years ago I read the book on the 5 Love Languages, and the book confirmed what I already knew, that  mine was "acts of service", this was the way I showed my love for a person and the way a person could also make me feel really loved and special. 

I love to spoil the people that I come in contact with, so I had a cute cozy guest cottage built on my farm in order to spoil guests who want to stay on the farm and sit smack dab in the middle of gorgeous farm fields.

On  this project of mine, Randy's expertise has been a godsend.  He along side me, has worked tirelessly to get it to completion.  I think up the design ideas and he makes it happen.  (And yes, I know how lucky I am!) And of course I do have to brag a bit, he does excel at doing "acts of service" that makes this farm-chick's heart smile.

So before that sweet man of mine and I head out to go find a vintage door plate for the guest cottage, here's a quick peek at our progress.  Final touches are underway an I'm so excited!!

The B&B almost finished!
This was getting the copper pipe shower curtain installed.
Randy adding the shower rod

 Here's the outside of the guest cottage, it will be decorated in Rustic Industrial Glamor.  I can't wait to show you the final results. 

The Cottage

And of course, those iconic red lighted hearts that  sit on the vintage truck at the entrance to my farmstead. 

Thank you for stopping by and as always, if you have a question, thought or comment - feel free to email me at   Before I leave you for the day, I wanted to share a very favorite saying, that I read everyday.  "Wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen" ~ unknown
Wishing you a very wonderful Valentine's Day.  All my best, Gaye