Thursday, November 20, 2014

Words Tell the Stories from Your Soul

My oldest daughter  texted me a newspaper article titled “women wears  a  colander for driver’s license photo”  followed by “mom, this is something you would do”……  I got a good laugh over the visual image painted by the words in that article.

The power of a word.   It can create images, evoke emotions and we are surrounded by words whether in print, music or spoken, and they all have an impact on us.  I recently wrote my November blog for the American Farmer’s website  (It’s under the column called Recipe for a Good Life), wherein I mentioned how people and food are my favorite subjects to write about.  Writing, like cooking, takes time, a little bit of talent and the desire to turn out a perfectly crafted end-result. And having that hope to create either “a melt in your mouth” dessert or an article that inspires, soothes or amuses the reader is my goal.  I am aware that other successful bloggers write about everyday things and on a daily basis, but when telling my singer/songwriter friend that I just can’t force myself to write about mundane things like washing the dog,  he said to me, “you are not a blogger, you are a writer and there’s the difference”  and suddenly those 13 words freed me and just gave me the permission to just be me (thank you Mark!!! ).  And it suddenly made sense that I am a quality vs. quantity kinda gal, and when I write to you, it’s because I feel it’s meaningful to me and may have some value to you.    I get inspired every time I think of the comments from you telling me that you found a nugget of worth in what you read, and that is what fuels me to write.   I am also particularly fascinated and inspired by song writers as they not only have to get words down on paper, but put a tune to them as well, and their songs have stories behind them.  My friend Mark creates his world in lyrics put to music and he paints out his emotions on a canvas.  He is one of my inspirations that I have the good fortune to call a friend.  This is Mark....  Click here if unable to view videos.


I also had the opportunity to meet and host a young Nashville singer/songwriter in my home and got to know AnnaLise Emerick, who is an amazing young woman.  I attended her  performance and  I loved the fact that before each song  how she gave a brief reason why she wrote the song.  So let me introduce Annalise….

Both of these gifted people possess a talent that I will never have and that’s okay, what we share is the desire to tell our story in the way it best suits us.   Even though this blog started out mainly as a tool to tell about farming and the life behind a farm family, it has evolved and expanded into to more of an upfront and personal side of a now divorced farm-chick who still like to bake, create and talk about how our food is grown.  But it is still MY STORY in my own words and you have been kind enough to be by my side throughout everything (thank you from the bottom of my heart).  Here is a short version of what I've been up to. Click here if unable to view.

I am always thankful that you took the time to read my blog, perhaps make something yummy like.....

Gingersnap Maple Cake or get inspired to paint a project like this....
Create something cool from paint and a bit of vision - so easy!

And I invite you to tell me how  you tell your story and/or what inspires you.  I also wish you a very blessed Thanksgiving.  Please use your words to tell those whose dinner table you are sitting at just how thankful you are to have them in your life. As always, if you have a thought, question, comment, feel free to email me at or leave a comment.  Blessed times to you and yours.  All my best, Gayle