Saturday, January 7, 2017

I Spy and the Big Picture

Tonight, as I looked out the kitchen window, I saw the snow falling lightly and I just felt compelled to get outside.  Sometimes just being outdoors helps me soothe my soul if I’m troubled by anything.  First I walked around a bit, then the front porch beckoned and there I ended up with a cup of tea in hand, a warm wool blanket on my lap and continued to watch the snow. There was no sound except the occasional rattle of the windmill and it was truly a glorious feeling. 

 With a mix of emotions, I thought this will probably be my last winter here.  It’s time for a change of location for this farm-chick. Now the hard part is in what town? There are a few target areas all within about 15-20 minutes from where I now live, but  I don’t have a real sense of where I want to end up.  And to be frank, it’s driving this focus driven gal sort of nuts.  Then to add another layer of crazy to the mix, a new idea has popped into this head of mine on a possible new business opportunity that I want to do.  Am I certifiably insane?  Probably, but I think that is part of my charm….. or so I’m told.  And because I’m a bit impulsive…. okay a whole lot impulsive, my goal is to really think things through.  I’m sure this is going to get the 2:00 am wake up to write routine started again (sigh).  
My favorite view from the kitchen.  This morning was particularly stunning

Drifts make interesting textures in the yard

While I was sitting outside, I thought about the time spent last night and this morning with Miss N, one of the grand-angels,  and we went through 2 entire books of the I Spy series.  We spent a couple hours finding the hidden objects that are really right in front of you, but are not so obvious because all the other “busy stuff” going on in the picture. 
Banana bread was in the oven and we enjoyed the morning with the I Spy books
And Miss N in her wise 8 year old logic would say, I know I can find it, it right in front of my face, I just have to look harder.  And that is how I am feeling, the right choice is right in front of me, I just need to clear out the clutter and cobwebs in order to see the big picture. And with that, I know we will be chatting again soon as I know “clarity of some sort” will make itself known in the wee hours of the night and I will have the need to write.

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