Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

I remember sitting in a farm conference earlier this year wherein, Secretary of Ag, Tom Vilsack was speaking and part of his message was that America's values were built on the integrity and work ethic from the farm folks.  He also mentioned that a large portion of the today's military was comprised of rural Americans.  Sitting there I also recalled a family friend who told the story of his uncle, a high ranking general who was also raised on a farm in Idaho. The general said his ability to rise through the ranks in the military was largely because anytime he had an important mission or project, he would seek out farm boys as he knew their work ethic and resourcefulness would get the job done and done right. 

Today Joe and I are off to Craigmont, a small farming community about an hour South of us to attend a Veterans Memorial dedication, this memorial is made out of concrete and honors the five branches of the military.  What is extraordinary about this is that it was the brainchild of a farmer friend's step-son, Kameron, who is doing this as his high school senior project.  So through the young lad's hard work and vision, he has created a lasting memorial to our Veterans.

 So today my friends, stop what you are doing and reflect upon those who have and are serving our country and say thank you.

Later after attending the dedication, here are some photos of this amazing memorial.  Pictured below is  Kameron with his mom, Sheila and step-dad Eric.

Here is a side view of the 5 separate concrete structures depicting the 5 branches of the military.

Here standing in front of monuments shows a star pattern as each structure has a granite inlay.

U.S. Representative Walt Minnick came to speak at the dedication ceremony and like he said, if today's youth are anything like Kameron, our country is in good hands.  Shown below from left to right is Eric, Kameron, Walt Minnick,  Craigmont Mayor Riggers, his wife and Sheila.

The memorial was well attended and very moving.  It showed that the vision of one person along with the help of countless people and donations from businesses could come together to create a wonderful tribute to those who have served our country.