Thursday, June 22, 2017

Adirondack Chairs and Dating


Roses from my garden

Tonight standing on the deck overlooking a spectacular view of the rolling hills from a friend’s getaway cabin,  I was memorized  by the site of two perfectly positioned Adirondack chairs. They were placed to enjoy the view  with that special someone.  Maybe it was because I was there to celebrate my dear friend’s happy addition to their family, a new daughter-in-law just fresh from eloping with their son.  And the chairs and the happy look of the cute little couple  made me realize that it’s time to start dating again. The world is made for two…. And I’m ready.  =)

Earlier today I had my beloved red vintage tractor delivered to my new place and it seems like my life has settled down and there is a feeling of pure and divine contentment.  I’ve planted myself in a new spot that makes me happy and now it is time to complete the final happy piece of the puzzle called love…. To be continued.   

My tractor is home now and all is well

Take care and wishing everyone a great week-end.  All my best, Gayle