Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Farm House Kitchens, A Favorite Spot

The grand-angels making cookies & memories in my farm-house kitchen
Last week I had the grand-angels over and we made home-made pizza and then cookies, and every time they come over, the first they ask is can we make cookies?  (yes, even before heading for the toys in the closet)  =)

No matter where I have lived throughout my life, the kitchen has always been the central spot for family and guests to gather. I have had exactly 4 houses in my married life-time, each time getting a fixer-upper, doing most of the work myself and then selling it and starting the process over again. That is until the final house, the one I am living in, I actually got to choose what I wanted.  It was pure heaven, and besides having a large kitchen, the 2 most prized choices for me was the walk-in pantry and double ovens.