Thursday, December 31, 2015

Reflections and Happy Wishes

A truly beautiful view out my kitchen window.
 A winter wonderland 

The saying on the pillow says it all..... LOL!

It’s New’s Years Eve and looking back, it’s been a good year with more ups than downs.  Who could ask for more?  Of course, those of us in the Ag industry always hope for good crops, timely rains and high market prices (it’s just that farmer part of us! Lol).   But in my personal life, as the year is drawing to a close, I’ve cherished the journey, the good (and yes) the bad times, as I’ve learned lessons from both.   What I do know is that whatever happens, you have control of how to react and are the captain of your own ship.   My hope, for not only me, but for you is to let go of the things in your life that you may have outgrown and make way for living a life that suits you. Let yourself discover new beliefs and lessons that are good for you, let the sun shine in your heart and soul and may you move gently into the life that is the right fit.  May you be kissed everyday by the love of your life, see the smile from those you hold close and keep (or find) that childlike magic in everyday adventures.

As always, thank you for taking the time to stop by.  Definitely feel free to drop me an email at or leave a comment.

I wish you a very rewarding and blessed 2016.  All my best, Gayle

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Farm-Chick's Christmas Message

Christmas 2015

My Christmas Wish Letter To You,

I’m sharing my Christmas letter that I have sent out to family and friends, because after all if you take the time to read my blog, then I consider you virtual family.  (best part of being virtual family that is that you most likely will escape my warped humor and being asked to take join me in some of  my goofy adventures)
Christmas greetings to you! With the onset of the holidays, my focus naturally shifts to the people that are in my life and the role they play. Perhaps it is because I find myself spending more time together sharing holiday meals and gathering in one another’s home.  For me, it’s a time when memories are made over good food and conversation. I like to think of it in terms of another layer of love that gets frosted on in the sweet memory category (guess you can tell I’ve had my share of frosting things this season!J)  But seriously, for me these last three years on my own I have been the lucky recipient of so much kindness, love and caring from those around me.   I can’t even begin to tell you how simple gestures can warm up a heart and soul.  And if you add in a bit humor to the mix, well all the better. The way I see it, a happy life is a lot like baking, as it takes all sorts of different kinds of ingredients in the right doses to get the desired end result.  For my personal recipe of happiness, it goes like this - sift in a truly wonderful man (Randy), with time spent with family & friends, add a big dollop of laughter, sprinkle in a bit of solo time and then frost it with things that inspire  passion, and as Martha Stewart would say, “it’s a good thing”.   

On a quick personal note, this past year I added chickens and a new rescue farm dog into my life. Randy and I enjoyed a few days in the Arizona sun last Spring – so it was good to know we travel well together too. He’s a good sport and doesn’t flinch (too much) when he’s accompanied me on a few adventures to find that perfect yard art (an old truck) that now graces the entrance to the driveway of my home.  I get the privilege of writing for a wonderful publication call Home and Harvest Magazine as well as my blog and also continue to get paid to lovingly harass the constituents that I work for at WSU.

So in the crazy and sometimes scary world, the message that I would like to share is that kindness begets kindness.  If you are like me, there are so many things that I regret not doing, having good intentions and never getting around to do them or to show someone just how much I care about them.  And so another goal for the New Year is to not be so task oriented, try to be present in the here and now, be more spontaneous, and take the time to do more kind acts.    I pledge to enjoy those sunrises and sunsets more, spend more quality time with the people in my life and as always smile & laugh every day.  I invite you to join me in standing united for the goal of “you must be the change you wish to see in the world” ~ Gandhi

I wish  for you a very joyous Christmas and Happy New Year.

Hugs and kisses,

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Planting Seeds for a Good Life

Today while on Facebook I saw I had memories to look back on, and so I took a moment to look.  The images were of the usual cast of suspects that I call my family celebrating  Thanksgiving, and while some are no longer here either by death or by choice, it was a poignant reminder of how vastly different my life is today from just three short  years ago.  That period  in my life was probably one of the most painful to go through, but I’m actually grateful for those hard times because it forced me to take stock of my life. 
Changes, some voluntary, some not made me decide that I needed to live life like a “Friday night instead of a Monday morning”.  I had forgotten somewhere along the way that life was special and to give myself permission to enjoy it.   And I was determined to start embracing the magic in life again and celebrate each day. When you start at ground zero, it forces you to slow down and assess what is important and what is not.   Funny thing is, living life is a lot like farming, you have to plant and sow the right kind seeds which will grow and yield and be bountiful.  Seriously, farmers can only grow certain crops that are best suited for the climate and conditions of their land, and so it is the same for a person.  You have to decide what your own landscape is going to look like and then roll up your sleeves and get to work.  Is it easy? Hell no! But eventually the sun breaks out of the storm clouds and you get a glimpse of something great in the making. And that is why as Thanksgiving rolls around it is more (to me) than just a holiday of food, family  & football, it’s time to take stock of where you have been and if what you are growing in the garden of your soul is thriving.  If it is, then keep on doing  what you are doing; if it isn’t then you have some work ahead of you.  For me, I am still planting good things, sometimes I have to dig up what wasn’t working and of course, always be on the lookout for weeds.  Cuz just like gardening, if you let the bad seeds start, they will try to overtake all your hard work. J

On the farm front, the winter wheat is beginning to show a tint of green due to the welcome moisture we’ve been getting.  The equipment has been put away until Spring and it’s quiet on the farm.  This is the time that those in the Ag industry get to slow down and recharge their batteries.  I wrote more about that in the magazine called Home and Harvest and I invite you to check it out. It’s a wonderful publication.

My kitchen is one of my favorite places to putter. create and relax

Today I’m trying my hand at a vegan, gluten free pumpkin pie for my baby brother, Barry. Of course, I’ll be making the regular pumpkin pies too.  And just for my sweetheart, Randy – well he’s coming over tonight and we’re going to whip up a batch of banana/blueberry muffins for his work mates.

After the holidays, I’ll post pictures on the At Home on the Farm page, and if the vegan gluten free pie is good, I’ll post that recipe on the pumpkin page.  Good thing my brother is always a willing guinea-pig for my baking experiments…..

As always, thank you from the bottom of my heart that you took time out to stop by.  I wish for you  a blessed Thanksgiving.  And before I conclude, here’s a wonderful quote:

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings”    William Arthur Ward

Blessings to all, Gayle

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Embracing Fall

Good Morning Friends,

I awoke early, thank heavens it wasn’t an ungodly hour to get up. I’m sitting by the fireplace, watching the band of an orange glow that is just is peaking over the rolling hills I call home and it delights me every time I see it.  The fields by now have all been either seeded into winter wheat or disked up and will wait until early Spring before anymore field activity will take place on them.

 A view from my living room, watching the sun come up

An early morning snack...the "girls" have discovered my newly seeded "no water grass seed" under the straw....
yup it's a smorgasbord! 

Fall is my very favorite season.   When nature makes her bright splashes of color  known, it just signals a time to want to nest (yup just like the chickens) and stay indoors to bake and cook as well as getting a chance to reconnect with family and friends.  Maybe that is why  the colors I chose in my home reflect  what Fall means to me.  I use lots of golds, reds, oranges, rich browns and  green.  It’s sort of a hodge podge of color, but it you look outside, it is the same way, and for me, it works.

So come along and I’ll you a home tour….
Yard art... all decked out in Fall's bounty, straw bales, corn stalks, and pumpkins galore!

My  Angel's on a day at the farm.

It was so much fun decorating with the pumpkins that I grew... plus  daughter Jen  loaded me up with different colored ones from her  garden .

Next., a peek inside

Ready for tour #2?

As always, thanks for stopping by.  I'm just a click away at swheatfarmlife@ or comments are welcome. =)   All my best, Gayle

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Thoughts & Pictures from the Farm-chick

A  favorite view from my back porch - the glorious rolling hills called the Palouse
I awoke to one of my favorite sounds..... rain. My mind was once again urging me to get up and write at 3:37a.m., but I forced myself back to sleep before jotting down a thought for the blog.  So friends as I sit here by the fireplace, cup of coffee next to me and  getting to chat with you, a nice way to start the day.  I've put an Apple Cider Pound cake in the oven and on a whim decided to try to bake a gluten/vegan version of that same cake (for my baby brother Barry) who has allergies galore.  I'll post the recipe soon, but first decided to see if there was a difference in apple cider. The really yummy stuff that looks like "Fall in a Container" and only available during September and October.....or the generic stuff you can buy in a store any day.  So stay tuned I'll post the recipe later today.  Then just to complicate stuff I am also trying another glaze to go with the cake, an Apple Cider glaze... yumm.
Apple Cider Pound cake with Salted Caramel   Glaze

What is on the agenda today?  Well lots.  I want to work on the blog. Perhaps you've noticed some of the simple changes Kristi has been making.  Ideally it would have been better to scrap this site, and start with something new, but I didn't want to as I wanted to keep this URL because I didn't want to lose anymore readers.(which happened when I changed URLs from my old blog name to my new current one). You have been with me as you saw what my life looked like before as a farm-wife, then as I rebuilt my life from the ashes of divorce.  Because you are important to me, I'm hoping you will like the changes on the blog that are coming! (promise)

I'm still toying with what I want the blog  to look like and frankly, I'm having a hard time because I don't just focus on one thing..... nope  that would be way too easy.  My passion is writing about how our food is grown, but the balance is to give just enough information, not be boring and provide a personal glimpse of  what life on the farm looks like (and then try to make it somewhat interesting).... then there is my passion for making huge messes in my kitchen, which normal people call baking. So do I just have one page? Or pages devoted to those topics? hmmmm.  Oh and then there is the other messy passion, refurbishing furniture. So friends, please let me know what you want.(pretty please)

One of my "projects"  the barn is my new shop! And the white cottage
is where I'll put up my bed and breakfast guests.
This building project has been a lesson in patience.... today Randy and I get to finish sanding so the inside of the cottage can be primed, then the really fun stuff, I get to decorate.  I'm so excited to show you...

My shop will allow me to do projects like this over  the winter (below) in my shop and NOT in my bedroom like I've been doing.
A buffet that I redid with homemade chalk paint
Geez!! What is a girl to do? So many things to write about....

Since it rained I'm toying with if this is the right time to re-seed my lawn with the "no water" grass seed to get it started for a no work lawn next summer. Rain is forecast but so is wind, guess I'm make that decision shortly.  The really cool thing about this seed is that it is grown my area farmers and I'm thinking I can do a field trip to the seed company's site to show you.  Yup, by now you realize there is lots going on in this crazy farm chick's brain.
Miss N, Miss M, Miss B for a day on the farm

Of course, one more pic of these cuties.

My yard art all staged for Fall!

Well, more to come!  Gotta go -but come back later as I'll be posting the recipe for the cake and if the vegan free cake turns out, I'll post that one too.

As always, thank you for stopping by. If you want to share any thoughts, ideas or whatever, I'm only a click away at or leave a comment on the blog too.
 All my best, Gayle

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Upgrades & Revamping for the Farm-Chick

Well it’s 2:12a.m. and this crazy farm-chick brain of mine wants to write.  I just wish I could reprogram my creative writing moments to a more reasonable time, (big sigh)  but I guess it’s when all the chatter that is rattling around In my brain finally quiets down…….  Fortunately for me this has occurred on a week-end and here I am, propped up in bed happily writing to you.  My new dog, LuLu, who now shares my bed, looked at me with sleepy eyes,  like “are you crazy?” rolled over , let out a big sigh and went back to sleep.

If you follow my S-Wheat Farm FaceBook page, I promised to write more. My passion to be a positive  voice for Ag has never wavered; it’s just been finding time or rather making time to write.  So often, I think I need to tell you this or that…and I’m not at a spot where I can do it. 

I lost so many readers when I moved my URL, but the former title of Idaho-farm-wife was a reminder that my life is different now.   I needed to “rebrand” not only me, but everything around me.  While the view out from front kitchen window is the same…
The kitchen window view

I’m changing up the landscape.  Literally !  It’s been a revamp of my house, my yard, this blog, gosh… my life too.  Plus I’m in the midst of a building project and a new writing project, children’s books.   It finally donned on me that my life now is in  “harvest mode” .  I’m finally producing what I’ve been working to cultivate for a long time.

With that, I hired a computer guru, and friend, Kristi to redo the blog.  Not only that but she will be helping me illustrate the children’s books.  I’ve also tapped the creative mind of daughter, Jen too.  I like it when I have people so much smarter than me to drag along in my projects. (poor souls).

Anyway – I wanted to let  you know the changes are coming and I’ll share all of them with you.  So please have patience as Kristi and I develop a game plan.

As always, feel free to email me at or leave a comment on my FB page, the blog or whatever. Hearing from you is like the frosting on the cupcake.
All my best, Gayle

Sunday, October 11, 2015

I know I've been missing in action..... so here's a quick peek ..... my focus has been finally getting all the outside "wants" done.  This meant getting "yard art" towed in and installed in my flower bed.  I have a few other surprises to show you too!

... an unexpected "bonus day" yesterday with the grand-angels.

The grand-angels, Miss M, Miss B and Miss N

Toting home my treasure on a smoky summer day.
This treasure  will be converted into a bed





As I've been slowly working to change up my farmhouse to truly reflect my style to  "Farm Chic" my sweetheart, Randy completely indulges my whims (yup I know I'm a lucky lucky girl) and here is my indoor want list... a bed made out of an old truck! 

The beginning of the project
Randy and  his son working on it in his shop

All done! Pictures really don't do it justice, it's an amazing piece of work

Then Randy surprised me with a bench out of the doors.  Daughter, Jen painted the sign and decorated up the old time car window trays.

Hey thanks for stopping by,  I love that you take time out of your day to come by and see me! Truly =)  !   I couldn't resist showing a few pictures and I've got a blog in process,  plus some yummy recipes to share. Just like my house, my blog will be getting the much needed re-do and upgrade too! 

As always, feel free to email me at  Enjoy your Sunday, all my best, Gayle

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Same Breed, New Variety

Wheat is as much a part of the outside of my world as it is inside.  A quick trip around the inside of my house and you will know that I have a serious case of  loving wheat.  Not only to bake with, but my home is adorned with wheat bouquets throughout, wheat dishes are stacked neatly in my cupboard, there is a wheat chandelier that I lugged home on a plane from Long Beach, CA that sits amid other various wheat decorations on my walls.  And what I find a bit strange is how I relate life (or at least mine) to a wheat plant. So it wasn’t so out of the ordinary when the thought struck me one morning that my life resembles a wheat plant that has emerged as an enhanced and altered version (a GMO) from the old variety to a new breed in order to adapt to a new environment. (basically I culled the old traits that I never liked in myself and adopted ones that I do like and ones that fit better).  Looking back the transition just seemed exactly like an "enhanced" wheat plant.  And speaking of enhanced wheat plants....  I’ve spent time in wheat labs and know that the researchers will take desirable characteristics and develop them into an existing plant to enhance the overall plant, for  instance WSU researchers are working on developing wheat varieties that will grow under severe drought conditions — “desert wheat”   and that this research is to focus on identifying genes that will increase wheat yields under drought stress.  Pretty amazing stuff.

And while I’m still a tom-boy that would rather be playing in the dirt with the tractor than sitting behind my desk, now I’m just a more feminine version.  The manicured nails inside the work gloves makes me happy as well as my growing collection of cowboy boots.  They are now seen as normal gear for me and when I don’t have boots on; people now comment that I’m missing my signature look.  I find that funny.   What I have discovered are some traits that have surfaced again, such as my fun loving side and my mischievous nature has firmly entrenched itself in my everyday life,  but  most importantly is the sheer unabashed delight that I find in living.  I again see the “beautiful” in life and I feel like me again.

While perhaps my outward appearances has changed a bit (and as my daughters both said, ummm for the better!), what I find most important is the quality of people that I like to surround myself with.   I know who my true friends are, some are made up of family, and  the others who are like family to me, these are  the ones who have been at my side through everything.  And I value the ones that kept me close to their heart, the ones who reached out if not daily, but regularly to let me know they had my back.  I’ve also been fortunate to have found love again and he is my version of Mr. Wonderful.  His name is Randy.  This is the guy who goes along with my crazy ideas and doesn’t complain (really).  For example, a couple of weeks ago, I sent him a text later in the evening (on a work night) that there was going to be a meteor shower and to come join me as  I was going to set my clock at the 1:00a.m. so I could see it.  And yup, he drove the 30 minutes from his house to mine, where he aligned the lawn chairs side by side and we wrapped up in blankets and watched nature put on a show.  Or earlier in the summer, when he agreed to participate with me and my niece, Sarah, in a mud run/obstacle course.
This was the guy who did a magnificent semi belly flop/dive into the first mud hole, lost his sunglasses and but still emerged smiling.  Of course after he extended his hand to help me out of the mud bog, guess I wasn’t dirty enough and he pushed me back in….. so yes he has just the right amount of being “sweetly evil” to keep things interesting.  He is now hooked on Pintrest and because of that, he now has a “project” to build for me.  And he’s excited about it too.  I can’t wait to show you when it’s done.   He thinks I’m funny, and he loves my quirkiness, and tells me that I’m perfect (I’m not) as he’s seen me show my  flash of temper.  He appreciates my straightforwardness and my refusal to put up with his crap  (his words not mine).   He regularly tells me I’m beautiful and that he admires my passion for helping others.  He doesn’t complain when I make a mess at his house when cooking and lets me bring my dog over too.  He gives me my space and tolerates my aversion to talking on the phone.  We’ve been dating now just over a year and we’ve both seen enough from our past failed marriages that we value the good, accept our  differences  and  both vow to  being respectful and keeping up communication as priority.  I seriously didn’t think a relationship like this could  exist or at least for me, but it does.

Randy has once again in indulged  me in a "project" and here is what I had him tote home for me.

Randy working on the project
In case you are wondering what I'm using it for, well this is my Christmas present. It
is going  in my house as a bed.  The back of the cab will be the headboard, the tailgate will be the foot-board!  Yup a very unique piece,and  I must say and I'm an excited little camper!  =) Stay tuned as I show you more of the project as it comes together.

As always, I love hearing from you and you can always email me at , and don’t forget to watch for the upcoming issue of Home and Harvest magazine.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing my blog into your life, it truly warms my heart.  All my best, Gayle

Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Farm Visit

The email request was simple; two sentences that made me smile and get excited to again be able to reach out to someone interested in Ag so she could see for herself how her food is grown. "I’m an 8th grade history teacher from Washington D.C. and I’ve read about you.  I’d love to visit your farm and I’m up for a road trip if you are willing!”  If you have lived any length of time in Idaho, you probably know that Idaho often gets mistaken for one of the other “I” states as well as Ohio, but since she was a history teacher I was reasonably confident she knew where I was located. And I invited her to come on out for a visit to see what my life in Ag looks like, just like I’ve invited you.  

I was a bit nervous that my farm maybe would not measure up to the vision of what she pictured how a farm would look like.  I explained I didn’t have animals, other than the spoiled farm dog who thinks she is in charge of ranch security and 3 feisty chickens that like to run amuck and attack my garden.  Plus my farmhouse wasn’t the iconic white clapboard version but rather something that looks like a cross between a grain-bin and farmhouse. Amy assured me that a trip out West and seeing the wide expanse of land that didn’t contain pavement would be the highlight of her summer, as well as a lifelong dream.

And so the adventure for both of us began, as Amy let me plan her time here…. And boy did I fill up her days with tours and visits. I took a day off from my office job to personally take her to visit the Pacific Northwest Farmer’s Co-op and the Lewis-Clark Grain Terminal, the rest of her stay here was jam packed in hopes that it would hopefully quench her thirst for understanding all aspects of Ag. 
Amy and me at the Lewis-Clark Grain Terminal - watching grain being loaded onto a barge!
After Amy left, she texted me before she boarded the plane home, “I’ve met the most amazing people and learned so much more than I could have thought!  And regarding how our food is grown, well everyone needs to see this for him/herself.  Especially in this country since we take so much for granted. I’ll never look at flour or another grain the same way, as I can’t believe all the work that goes into  that bag of flour!”

It was wonderful sharing some of the magic of my life and how our food is grown, and I know I have been so very fortunate to have been a part of it.  But I must admit that I still miss certain aspects of my former Ag life.  And just a couple of nights ago I was talking to a very close girlfriend, who was also a former farm partner just like myself and I asked her if she missed the lifestyle. She said yes and we both agreed that once you live this kind of life that it changes you in a way unlike anything else….. and nothing will fill that void.  And as this is my 3rd harvest not being part of the farm, I have to be extra vigilant to be gentle with myself because it’s easy to have melancholy set in.  So I try to get extra rest, count my blessings, and keep my family and my sweet man  close by.

And speaking of harvest, well it is about 2 weeks early.  And that my friend is never good, because it means the crops didn’t receive the timely rains needed coupled with the extreme heat has pushed the plant to ripen early and yields will be affected.  What I’m hearing is that the winter wheat is hoped to be about average, but the spring wheat planted this past May is where the poor yields will be felt the most.  I haven’t heard predictions about the garbanzos yet – so my hopes are that they will be an average yield. In a drought year, average is good.
As always, thanks for stopping by, it means a lot to me.  If you have questions, thoughts, comments – I’m only a key stroke away at  And don’t forget to grab your latest issue of Home and Harvest magazine that will hit the stands on July 17th!  

Oh and make sure to check out the new farm dog…
LuLu the new farm dogette
Hmmm, can you smell freshly baked  Blueberry/Raspberry Oat Bars ???
Blueberry/Raspberry Oat Bars
actually I made 2 versions, one the original way (with white flour and butter) and then a batch using almond flour and coconut oil.  The second version was developed for my baby brother whose allergies to corn, soy, dairy, wheat make cooking a bit of a challenge.  Anyway they both taste yummy and are super easy to make. Recipe will be on the Dessert page.

All my best, Gayle

Monday, June 1, 2015

A Transition into a Perfectly Imperfect PINK Farm-Chick Life

Pink boots, glittery baubles and pinkish/corral nails,,,.,.  yup it's a girl thing

I’ve never been a “pink kind of gal”, in fact I didn’t own anything pink  until about 3 ½ years ago when I was forced to go shopping to buy a pink dress for my youngest daughter’s bridal shower. And after I became single… well the pinkness began infiltrating into my life.  In the last blog I wrote about “guts” and this blog is more geared towards the glam and glitter part of life. (plus there is a crop report later on in the blog) =)

For me it first began when I was constantly asked where I was now living after the divorce. I guess many just assumed that I couldn’t take care of a farmhouse and the land around it.  Little did they know it was always me that maintained the grounds as well as the house, it was me who spent quality time with the backpack sprayer and all the work that went into transforming the hilltop of a clay farm field into a basic semblance of a lawn. And “PINK” became my declaration of independence to make my stake that a farm-chick lived here, and as  I painted the door of the shop PINK and I liked it so much that I pained the front door of my farmhouse PINK too.   I moved back into my former office that my daughter had used when living with me ( and she had painted the office PINK) and it just felt right, the energy was good in that room and I felt connected there in that PINK space.

And then the PINK transformation of me began.   Here is an example of what  I hear …. (in my family we don’t talk about each behind their backs, we talk about them in front of them so they can enjoy it!  LOL)… anyway a couple of weeks ago at the Farm Women’s Wine night, my oldest daughter was jokingly telling someone (in front of me) “I don’t know who this person is”  pointing at me “she’s not the mom I knew when growing up, she is now fashionable, and even wears PINK, she has her nails done, gets pedicures and wears perfume and  jewelry!! “  Then she adds…. “Mom has finally become a girl” and then we all laugh like crazy because it’s true. (okay…. So I’m a slow learner)

Out dated oak night stand
A fresh "shabby chic" look
As I changed, the space around me needed an upgrade too.  Just look at what you can do with a bit of paint, wood appliqu├ęs and new knobs.  I have more pieces to finish and hopefully will get it done before Fall sets in because I did this a few months ago in the middle of my bedroom.  Kind of a yucky project to do inside. It was all done with the recipe for my own version of homemade "chalk paint", glued appliques and knobs.

The renovations didn't stop inside.... I got cozy with my back pack sprayer again and decided to spray out my entire lawn with Round-UP.  The plan will be to reseed with a “no water lawn” grass seed this Fall from Clearwater Seed Company. 
Ugly now, but it will be unique when I'm done. I'll have to share what it looks like next year tho after the grasses is up,

I ordered up a dump truck of pond rock (below) – I call this area behind my shop, my “inspiration area” just having a pile of dirt, rocks and a tractor…. Gosh there is a lot a girl can create!   Right now I’ve been packing lots and lots of rock into the bucket of the tractor…. Then my neighbor boy called and asked if I had any work for him and bless his heart has almost finished the rock paths.  His back hurt too, so that doesn’t make me feel too old or out of shape.

This pile of rocks was my birthday present to me!
Then to add in a bit of “farm appeal” I decided to get chickens… the grand angels got to pick them all out and the little girls have them acclimated to being around people.  Often times their momma would report that the girls would tuck the chickens into their coats and take ‘em for a bike ride.  Not too sure if the chicks liked it, but the girls were in heaven having baby chicks again.  Mine is named Freedom, the girls named the others Midnight, Snowflake (even tho its black & white) and Crystal.

Next I got a dog as I had to put my other one down last Fall. 
This is again a rescue dog and truly sweet, she pretty much captured my heart the first time I met her.   It is a good thing too, cuz in the first week, well I’m down one chicken, have had 3 new front door mats chewed up and 1 skirt that came in the mail…. bad dog!  I’m working with her to reinforce that the chickens are not her own snacks and think I have the door mat issue under control.

And as I’ve transformed my life into one that I now feel is mine again, the country side all around me has been undergone it’s own version of being transformed. Gone are the brown fields, which are now sporting their Spring fashion look, which of course is a beautiful hue of green.  Nature blessed us with a million dollar rain about a week and half ago and those rolling hills are a sight to behold.

My creative exuberance with my  baking adventures has slowed way down…. Could have something to do with spending time with a certain someone ( he tries to help me balance the work/life thing – a constant endeavor on my part by luring me away from working and having more fun).   Anyway I did find a new moist Peanut butter cake…… I'll get that recipe posted soon!

And while life in the PINK land is far from perfect, it’s a good place to be….. so as I slip my perfectly manicured toes into my work boots, it makes me smile because I know this is a truly good PINK infusion for a farm-chick’s soul.  

As always, thank you for stopping by and feel free to email me at, or leave a comment.  Don’t forget to check out the Home and Harvest Magazine where the second issue is out!  All my best, Gayle

Monday, May 25, 2015

A Farm-chick thank you 
Wishing you a wonderful and blessed Memorial Day.  A heartfelt thank you to all the brave men and women whose service and sacrifice keeps us safe and protects our freedom.

All my best Gayle

P,S.  I'll have a new post tomorrow.... I can wait to tell you what I've been up too.  I'll share a new recipe, a "how to" project,  a sneak peak of what I'm doing to my ugly yard..... hint: several back-pack sprayer loads of "Round-up", a dump truck load of rocks and a bit of inspiration  - it's still a work in process - but I still want to show you what an imagination can do.  I've added a few new members to my farm... and gosh lots more to catch up on. Talk to you soon! G.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

True Grit, Farm-Chick Style!

The other day my 6 year old grand-angel, Miss N drew a picture that stopped me in my tracks. The drawing was her version of a “how to make a person”.  To me, it was so clear, so true and so applicable.  We all have to start at square one and take it step-by-step to complete the picture.  And it made me think, ( I know a frightening thought which can scare even the bravest of souls! Lol)…. so let me explain what I mean.

A Step by Step on "How to Make a Person
I’m a people watcher and frankly I still get amazed at how tough, funny, and wonderful women are.  Not just because I belong to that bewildering race that completely baffles men, but because we have true grit.  It could be the company I keep too.   I don’t know exactly why, but I’m surrounded by amazing women, not only family but friends and co-workers.  Then my mind drifted off to other farm women I know and I have to say we are a breed in of itself, mostly I think we have to be a little bit crazy ( maybe it’s just me) and of course, I think crazy is one of my better qualities….  But all these farm-women friends all have a true love of the land and all that goes into producing food.  It gets into your blood whether or not you were raised on a farm or married into one, there just seems to be something that defines your heart and soul. 

Anyway I got to thinking about 3 former farm-wife/partners who like me, had their lives completely changed by events that took them from their life on their generational farm and a life they loved and started over in a new direction.  I am in awe of where they are now, as these women picked themselves up, brushed themselves off and created a new life wherein they have accomplished amazing things.    If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know that I love the Ag industry, but it has a way of honing a tough courageous spirit in the women that are part of the farming business.  The tremendous financial burden coupled with wild card factors like weather and market is a breeding ground to develop inner strength I know I didn’t possess it until I married into a farm family.  And like any other lesson in life, it has served me well, just like it has for my other farm-women friends.  For instance, take my friend Lezah who is a force of nature  and who has this natural ability to create or fix anything and by the time she is in her mid-60s will have finished her accounting degree while working full-time; then there is friend Caroline Nielson-Troy, who went from being a former farm-wife/partner to a fundraiser for the College of Ag and now is a newly elected legislator in Idaho; next is Pam Fretwell, another farm-wife partner who after her divorce went onto become a farm broadcaster/journalist  who now is working as a director for a very prestigious Ag publication called Farm Journal.  They are inspiring and self-made legends.  It just shows me that you can accomplish anything and that you need to go step-by-step to make your new dream happen.  With that I want to share that I recently got the chance to write my own Ag column for a small but really wonderful magazine called Home and Harvest.  Of course I’m scared to death and hope that people will like what this goofy brain of mine wants to write, but I’m am also excited beyond words.  So I invite you to check it out as they have both print and an on-line version. 

As always, I'm just a click away, so shoot me an email ( )or leave a comment.

All my best, Gayle