Monday, June 1, 2015

A Transition into a Perfectly Imperfect PINK Farm-Chick Life

Pink boots, glittery baubles and pinkish/corral nails,,,.,.  yup it's a girl thing

I’ve never been a “pink kind of gal”, in fact I didn’t own anything pink  until about 3 ½ years ago when I was forced to go shopping to buy a pink dress for my youngest daughter’s bridal shower. And after I became single… well the pinkness began infiltrating into my life.  In the last blog I wrote about “guts” and this blog is more geared towards the glam and glitter part of life. (plus there is a crop report later on in the blog) =)

For me it first began when I was constantly asked where I was now living after the divorce. I guess many just assumed that I couldn’t take care of a farmhouse and the land around it.  Little did they know it was always me that maintained the grounds as well as the house, it was me who spent quality time with the backpack sprayer and all the work that went into transforming the hilltop of a clay farm field into a basic semblance of a lawn. And “PINK” became my declaration of independence to make my stake that a farm-chick lived here, and as  I painted the door of the shop PINK and I liked it so much that I pained the front door of my farmhouse PINK too.   I moved back into my former office that my daughter had used when living with me ( and she had painted the office PINK) and it just felt right, the energy was good in that room and I felt connected there in that PINK space.

And then the PINK transformation of me began.   Here is an example of what  I hear …. (in my family we don’t talk about each behind their backs, we talk about them in front of them so they can enjoy it!  LOL)… anyway a couple of weeks ago at the Farm Women’s Wine night, my oldest daughter was jokingly telling someone (in front of me) “I don’t know who this person is”  pointing at me “she’s not the mom I knew when growing up, she is now fashionable, and even wears PINK, she has her nails done, gets pedicures and wears perfume and  jewelry!! “  Then she adds…. “Mom has finally become a girl” and then we all laugh like crazy because it’s true. (okay…. So I’m a slow learner)

Out dated oak night stand
A fresh "shabby chic" look
As I changed, the space around me needed an upgrade too.  Just look at what you can do with a bit of paint, wood appliqu├ęs and new knobs.  I have more pieces to finish and hopefully will get it done before Fall sets in because I did this a few months ago in the middle of my bedroom.  Kind of a yucky project to do inside. It was all done with the recipe for my own version of homemade "chalk paint", glued appliques and knobs.

The renovations didn't stop inside.... I got cozy with my back pack sprayer again and decided to spray out my entire lawn with Round-UP.  The plan will be to reseed with a “no water lawn” grass seed this Fall from Clearwater Seed Company. 
Ugly now, but it will be unique when I'm done. I'll have to share what it looks like next year tho after the grasses is up,

I ordered up a dump truck of pond rock (below) – I call this area behind my shop, my “inspiration area” just having a pile of dirt, rocks and a tractor…. Gosh there is a lot a girl can create!   Right now I’ve been packing lots and lots of rock into the bucket of the tractor…. Then my neighbor boy called and asked if I had any work for him and bless his heart has almost finished the rock paths.  His back hurt too, so that doesn’t make me feel too old or out of shape.

This pile of rocks was my birthday present to me!
Then to add in a bit of “farm appeal” I decided to get chickens… the grand angels got to pick them all out and the little girls have them acclimated to being around people.  Often times their momma would report that the girls would tuck the chickens into their coats and take ‘em for a bike ride.  Not too sure if the chicks liked it, but the girls were in heaven having baby chicks again.  Mine is named Freedom, the girls named the others Midnight, Snowflake (even tho its black & white) and Crystal.

Next I got a dog as I had to put my other one down last Fall. 
This is again a rescue dog and truly sweet, she pretty much captured my heart the first time I met her.   It is a good thing too, cuz in the first week, well I’m down one chicken, have had 3 new front door mats chewed up and 1 skirt that came in the mail…. bad dog!  I’m working with her to reinforce that the chickens are not her own snacks and think I have the door mat issue under control.

And as I’ve transformed my life into one that I now feel is mine again, the country side all around me has been undergone it’s own version of being transformed. Gone are the brown fields, which are now sporting their Spring fashion look, which of course is a beautiful hue of green.  Nature blessed us with a million dollar rain about a week and half ago and those rolling hills are a sight to behold.

My creative exuberance with my  baking adventures has slowed way down…. Could have something to do with spending time with a certain someone ( he tries to help me balance the work/life thing – a constant endeavor on my part by luring me away from working and having more fun).   Anyway I did find a new moist Peanut butter cake…… I'll get that recipe posted soon!

And while life in the PINK land is far from perfect, it’s a good place to be….. so as I slip my perfectly manicured toes into my work boots, it makes me smile because I know this is a truly good PINK infusion for a farm-chick’s soul.  

As always, thank you for stopping by and feel free to email me at, or leave a comment.  Don’t forget to check out the Home and Harvest Magazine where the second issue is out!  All my best, Gayle

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