Friday, March 11, 2022

A Journey to the Good Part of Life


Driving to the airport on Tuesday at 3:45am to take my sweet girl, Kaitlyn to the airport, I couldn’t help but remember the last time we had flown out together for an early morning flight.  It was December 24, 2012, it was a white-knuckle drive through a blizzard to get to the airport where we were headed to Hawaii to avoid Christmas. Just a few short weeks before, both of us had suddenly found ourselves single, Kaitlyn as a widow and me with an unexpected divorce. Those dark days are now way behind us and we both have stepped into the light.   For Kaitlyn, she found love again, got married 2 ½ years ago and is a happy mom-to-be just finishing her second trimester.  For me, I moved to Moscow, after buying the most perfect place five years ago (today) and then found love too.    From where we came from to where we are now, we both know we have been blessed beyond measure.  Sometimes it’s good to look back and see where you came from to know how far you have come.  Simply put, life is beyond good and we know it.

During Kaitlyn’s visit, we held a baby shower, gathered family and close friends to celebrate this beautiful time in her life.  All the pregnant mom wanted was a balloon arch, crème puffs and chocolate drizzled bacon on a stick… lol.   I have to say, her cousin, Sarah planned out a splendid theme, I added a few more food items and my barn was created into a very magical place by her sister, Jen and cousins – Sarah & Bridgette. Thought I’d share some precious pictures . 

After getting Kaitlyn safely checked in, and seeing her off, I once again felt like I was leaving a piece of my heart watching her walk into airport security headed to the other side of the country.  All day I felt lost & blue…. I think the combination of that remembrance glance at the past along with putting your daughter on a plane was a gentle reminder that yes there will be dark days, but there will also be good days too.  After the darkness there is light.  That you should be gentle with yourself as with others who are or were on a rocky pathway. The journey to light is hard, but so worth the effort and that our Creator walks with you every step of the way.  It's character building 101 and sometimes we just need a little reminder of just how far we have come and to appreciate it.  One of my favorite quotes, " Maybe you have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light.” – Madeline L’Engle" .   And both of our lives are filled with light. We were given a second chance. There was hope for us and I know there is hope for anyone else going through a difficult time, you just have to give your burdens to God and ask him to help you.

As always, thanks for stopping.  I wish all the best for you and that peace, love and comfort are yours.  All my best, Gayle