Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Feeding America, Last views of Wheat Harvest 2011

With the exception of wheat chaff and dust, I hope the photos and videos of our wheat harvest made you feel like you were really there.  Here are some of the last pictures of our wheat harvest which were taken by our hired man, Cody with his camera phone- and they are amazing! (Thanks Cody!) My bugging of the guys has really paid off.  

Combine filling the grain cart at dusk
(P.S. If you are unable to view this video in your "Windows Internet Explorer", please use "Mozilla Firefox" - I'm not sure why the Mozilla Firefox works better - but it does.  G )

No street lights are in the fields, so combines are equipped with headlights
to see where they are going in the dark 

The tractor and grain cart heading off to the semi trucks
Cody is our all around guy who can do everything from driving
the combines to driving the semi trucks

Storing some of our wheat in our grain bins at the Tammany Farm

The auger sucks up the grain into the elevator

A view from the top of the elevator.
Farmer Joe is finishing the last patches of the spring wheat, then he will start next on our garbanzo bean harvest.

I hope you enjoyed the day to day blog of our wheat harvest.  Stay tuned for more on the garbanzo bean harvest and I'm working on the blog for the 3rd Dinner on the Farm event from last Saturday.  All my best, Gayle.  You can contact me at idahofarmwife@gmail or leave a comment. Thanks!