Saturday, September 17, 2011

Quick Preview of Dinner on the Farm, Before the Guests Arrive

Greetings Everyone!  Each September during our garbanzo harvest, Farmer Joe and I host a Dinner on the Farm for two weekends.  We started doing this to give people a chance to come out to our farm, see what we do, ask questions and enjoy a hearty meal.  We wanted to  put a face on the family farm so the public can see that we are everyday people.    My motto is:  Farmers are ordinary people with an extraordinary job to do, we feed the world.   So my friends, this is our 3rd annual Dinner on the Farm event and it is the second and last dinner for the year.   I have a few minutes before I need to ice the drinks and get changed, but here is a quick preview of what the guests will see......

A welcome sign at our house

Guests names on the back of their chairs
The quad tractor & drill in the field next to our house
Farmer Joe is still harvesting garbanzo beans, but will bring the combine over shortly for the guests to see it.  Well I have tons of  last minute things to do.... so stay tuned for more pictures.  The Internet is slower than molasses today so I can't load more videos or pictures! All my best, Gayle