Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas at the S-Wheat Farm

Christmas at this S-Wheat Farm-Chick's house is a big event.  It means a focus on rural Americana, not only in decorating and food but in gift giving as well.   My grand-angels love to read and when I came across this company that specializes in personalized children s books about farms, well I couldn't resist and wanted to share a really cool company with you. Here is a link to  the I see me books  . 
A unique gift and way to make learning fun
As for me, well when it comes to Christmas, I'm like a big kid and love all the decorating, baking and festivities.  I have at least 14+ totes filled with stuff I've collected  throughout the years and my theme changes each year, so it's always chaos when I'm decorating. (It usually means a few evenings spent puttering until I get the look I want, sipping on wine with Christmas music playing in the background).  My style is  a mix of traditional and usual items too, so come along and I'll show you want I've been up to lately. Click here if unable to view.

I love vintage ornaments and the boxes they come in

An all blue tree, red tree, green tree and a mixed one with ornaments that are from my travels

I love this old paint splattered ladder found in a barn,
perfect setting for a Christmas vignette 

And when I get stressed... well I'm a stress baker - so when I start feeling like I have too many things to do and not enough time.... I bake.  Sort of crazy, but then again that's just me! 

Sugared cranberries ( 1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 cup water - bring to  boil for simple syrup.
Drop in cranberries for about 30 seconds and roll then in sugar). Easy and pretty.

Chocolate Cranberry cake. Recipe is on the OMG dessert page

This is what my kitchen looks like when I bake, some call it messy, I call it being exuberant!  

New recipe, I'm trying, Spiced Cranberry cake.  If it is a keeper, then I'll let you know !

And my next fav thing to do, is watch Christmas movies.  Here is my collection that I try to watch every year.  Best part is that my sweetheart likes them too! This makes me a very happy camper.

 As always, thanks for stopping by, feel free to email me at or leave a comment. I am excited that I'm going to learn to how to  make a German bread that I get every year from my Auntie Lois.  So more stuff is coming your way!  Talk to you soon.

All my best, Gayle