Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Seeing a Farm Makes it to Being on a "Bucket List"

"Farming  looks idyllic and seems easy, but there is real precision, logic
and science behind everything we do"
If you receive the Parade Magazine in the Sunday paper, you may have seen last week’s edition, wherein it contained a “bucket list of things to do before you die”…. And one of them was to visit a farm and meet the people who grow your food.  While that did amaze me, it did not surprise me as the public has sent a very clear message that they are interested in where their food comes from and want to know what farmers do.  Thus, the intense interest from the public in our farm blogs, Twitter and Facebook postings.   In case you haven’t seen my newest project, Farmer Inc, The Real Story (my labor of love) I have begun the task of compiling great farm blogs from all over the USA, so the consumer can get an up close and personal view  on the lives of producers, from animal production to grains.  They will get to read about our farms, our stories, and our families, and I invite you to check it out and tell everyone, please. 
To help educate the public, we post signs in our fields that border the divided highway and identifies what crop is being grown. 

Farmer Joe putting the sign into the field 
Now for what is going on the Anderson Farm... well from now until harvest, Farmers Joe and Jay along with our hired man, Cody will be busy keeping the crops weed and bug free.  With all the moisture that this area has received, we have had to give the wheat plants an extra dose of medicine to protect them from a disease called rust.  We also routinely check the crops for bugs as they can do a heck of a lot of damage to the plant and decrease the yields.  That is why I say we treat our crops like our kids; we oversee their well being and do what is necessary to keep them healthy and strong.  Lots of ongoing care and maintenance and about the only thing we don't do for the crops that we do for our kids is read them a bedtime story.....  but this farm-wife will sit on her deck in the evening  with a glass of wine and contently watch the crops & tell them to grow strong and big. =) 
As always, thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy this blog and please check out my other site too as there are so many more amazing farm blogs.  If you have ideas, questions, comments, please email me at  All my best, Gayle