Saturday, December 22, 2018

Merry Christmas and I'll take a Chance on You

Greetings friends!

A couple days ago I went to a retirement party of a colleague.  He talked about how he had started his long career.  It began when he walked in and asked for a job, and the man behind the counter said “I’ll  take a chance on you” and started him in a temporary hourly position.  From there on out, as he advanced, again each person of authority said the same, “I’ll take a chance on you”.  And when my friend had advanced to a position where he could be a source of help and guidance to others, he stayed and excelled in his role.  And his parting words to us, his well-wishers, were to reach out and keep trying until you find your niche, and remember to take a chance on others and help your fellow man anytime you can.