Saturday, November 9, 2013

Inspired Farm-chick Living

Fall +Pumpkins = Fabulous
My front porch display at my farmhouse

Now that Fall weather has arrived …. So has my inspiration for cooking and creating.   As I write this the smell of pumpkin brownies makes me want to rethink eating something healthy for breakfast and just go straight for one of my favorite flavor combinations, pumpkin and chocolate.  Two flavors that I never would have put together had it not been for this cake….

And then the Pumpkin-Chocolate swirl brownies with a hint of spicy cayenne pepper… and then these cookies....

and then it morphed into lasagna (well only the pumpkin part), Oh and I can't forget the pumpkin dip pared with apples (also goes well with my lentil brownies that are coming out of the oven too!)  And soooo many more recipes!  And if your mouth is watering.... here are the recipes on my "pumpkin page".  Yeah you are probably right... as my good friend Kristi says "I'm out of control BUT in a good way."    In the next week or so, I'll be having my 2nd annual "redneck pumpkin target practice" where my guy friend and I will host a law enforcement friend & his wife to come have a "shoot off."  I did this once before a long time ago and it was fun, so I decided to make it an annual event.  So when my "display pumpkins"  have served  their purpose, I will lay them out in the field, then  we will gather on my back deck and see who is the best shot.  That is one of the perks of living in the country and as my youngest says "totally a redneck thing to do"  but she likes shooting them  too.   And yes, I will most likely serve my guests "pumpkin lasagna". 

These are  my guinea pigs that I actually tested the Pumpkin Lasagna on.... it was a business/social kind of brain storming session for the University of Idaho College of Ag fundraiser on their Gift of Grain scholarship program.  Some are farm wives, some are from the college and all are amazing women!  And  I want to give them a hearty  thank you who bravely tested my new recipe,  Kim, Jen, Kathy, Jacie, Lisa, Marie and Carly.

As I was assembling my Pumpkin page.... I reflected back on all of these recipes that I have tried and the thought struck life is like the recipes I try out!   Sometimes the end result is perfect and you wouldn’t change a thing, other times they don’t turn out so well, but you were glad you tried it, or maybe they just needed a tweak or two to get the desired results.  Whatever the case, my life seems to be one continual experiment and like my recipes, while they may not come out perfect, I like the results.  And I am starting to feel okay about me not always being “so perfect” either.   
And  with that, thank you for stopping by and I hope one of these taste tempting treats will make you smile and feel free to tweak the recipes as you like!  If you have questions/comments by all means drop me a line at or leave a comment.  =)  All my best, Gayle

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