Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The Kindness Box

My fav outdoor Christmas decorations - Reason for the Season

Yesterday my almost 9 yoa grand-angel Miss M pondered what to give Santa for a present. And here is what I had told her, I said the absolute best present you can give Ole St. Nick is a year’s worth of kindness. More on that in a bit ….

Earlier in the day I had picked up my 3 grand-angels and as their mom had her regular shift at the hospital and then was headed to a holiday party with her sweetheart.  I had the whole day and evening of getting to spend quality time with the girls.   I was excited as quality time seems to be far and few between with their busy schedules.  As I arrived, I told them the first order of business went we went to town was that each of them was to pick out a Christmas card for their mom and write her a love letter.  And I asked them to think about what they were going to write to her. It warmed this grandma's heart seeing them take the task seriously.

After doing some grocery shopping we headed back to my farmette for a cozy fire and impromptu naps for them. It was perfect, it was a a cold rainy/snow mix and we were warm and content. The scene was pure bliss on that sofa.
No explanation needed here.

Cookie making is our fav activity to do

Once we arrived at their house later that evening,  Miss M and I set out to find a box for her year of kindness.  I asked her to draw a picture that represented “what happy meant to her”  So she got on the computer and printed out a picture and words about “volleyball”…. Not exactly what I had in mind but Miss M loves V-ball so that was what  her vision of what happy looked like.  We taped the picture on the front of the box and I wrote  "Maggie’s Kindness Box”, we cut out slips of paper and she attached it with a clothes pin to the side.  I explained that each time she did an intentional act of kindness (and that it included being kind to her sisters and mom) to write the date and tell what she did. Then drop the slip of paper in the box and from that whole year, she could set the box of acts of kindness under the tree for Santa.  

The girls on the way home has decided to clean the house for mom, so each took a chore and got to work.  It truly warmed my heart to see this.  They laid their love letter cards out for their mom under the tree and I thought, they really are great kiddos.  I told them how proud I was for this day of sweetness to each other (mostly) lol…. And how happy their momma would be when she read the cards on Christmas morning.  

As I was preparing my feast for all the family that is headed here today, I thought about that “kindness box”  and how we should all have one.  I found my old gratitude jar in my storage closet and thought, I need to do this again.  Kindness keeps my heart and soul happy, and  I invite you to join me creating your own “Kindness Box or Gratitude Jar”.  Let’s celebrate our year of random and purposeful acts of kindness to family, friends and strangers.

Wishing you a most blessed Christmas and wonderful year ahead.  As always thank you for stopping by, I encourage you to share the blog post if it touched you and as always, leave a comment or shoot me an email at swheatfarmlife@gmail.com.
All my best, Gayle

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