Sunday, December 8, 2019

When the Stars Line Up

When the stars line up and you have one of the best week-ends with your special person, you wonder can life get any better than this? 
Earlier in the week I had attended a Service of Remembrance held at the Presbyterian church.  For some unknown reason, I had felt drawn to attend, so without overthinking it, I went all by myself and the service was beautiful.  What surprised me was I was not expecting to get so emotional. I teared up after the service when one of the pastors asked me what prompted me to attend? And I told him I didn’t know except that I felt compelled to go.  It could have been because it is was so close to the 8 year anniversary of my step-dad’s passing and I had been thinking a lot about him and his wonderful impact on my life as well as that of my brother’s too. How he and mom had created rich and beautiful family times together.  I told the pastor that maybe honoring someone’s live who no longer is living makes you realize that you still have so many opportunities to create beautiful days of your own.

Happy Birthday dinner

Driving to Kellogg Saturday morning to meet Rod for a romantic week-end to celebrate his birthday, I thought a lot about that Tuesday church service.  And I guess I’ll chalk it up to our Creator reminding me that the past should be cherished, but make sure to enjoy the present.   Both Rod and I were looking forward to this weekend as we haven’t spent a lot of time together.  And I have to say it seriously was one of the best week-ends….ever.  

We didn’t have any set plans, just an expectation that it would be relaxing.  And the ordinary events just somehow seemed magical.  I suggested we start our afternoon by getting a drink and appetizers at the Radio Brewing Company… those beer battered artichokes were amazing. Total decadence. There we were, holding hands, chatting and happy to just be exactly where we were.  Taking our order was this young pink-haired waitress/bartender running around like crazy to take orders and  keep everyone’s drinks filled up.  She was totally sweet. And then this thought popped into my head and I knew it was what I would call a “God Kiss” that the $100 bill in my purse needed to go to her.  So when she stopped by our table I gave her my credit card for the bill but I also handed her the $100 and said, this is for you. She was totally overwhelmed and so grateful.  I thought she might cry.  After she again thanked me and then hurried off, Rod looked at me and said “that was simply amazing to see”.   I told him I’d never done that before, but it made me happy. 

Later that evening we hopped in the car and ended up at a quaint and cute place in Kingston called the Snake Pit…. Despite the name, this place had serious rustic charm along with good food, but the best part was there was a 4 member band playing. 

Good music

We ate and listened as they played  Country to soft rock and it was fun watching the band’s antics. You could tell they just enjoyed playing music, teasing each other and simply put on a great show.  They were enjoying life playing music together.

Morning coffee with "Mr. Right"
Mornings at the condo just beckon us to sip coffee and watch the world wake up. Rod even brought his iPod so we could listen to Christmas music. Pure bliss…. Until hunger overtook us and we found a newly opened breakfast place just down the street. It was a cozy and homey and again the food was ample and perfect.

And in looking back at how the week started off  and how it ended,  I feel  the church service that acknowledged the pain and grief of those no longer in our life, along with life struggles, was a gentle reminder that God is always with us in the good and not-so-good times.  The words from the service “that the light that is the life of all people shines, here and now, among us.  And that Jesus knows our hearts, hears our cries and restores our worn spirits with touches of healing and hope.”  It is was just the kind of message I needed.  And it made me appreciate all the everyday magic all around me and to appreciate that today was a good day.  And hopefully I get many more days to cherish each day, appreciate those in my life and not waste any opportunities to make beautiful memories. So when the stars line up, it's a "God Kiss", so be sure to look for all the good around you and there is where you will find your own perfect magic.

Wishing you a the best for each and every day.  All my best, Gayle 

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