Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring is coming....

Driving home today after work, it was 57 degrees, very rare for the 1st day of March (at least around here). I could hardly contain myself and wanted to be outdoors, knowing with it being so warm that I would be able to smell the dirt. The fresh earth smell is a wonderful smell unlike anything else and I have always loved the smell of dirt even as a child.

So with our recent lack of snow this past winter, Spring work for us is here. Joe was down at our Tammany farm which is about an hour away from our Genesee farm and sprayed about 150 acres of Roundup which kills weeds and/or volunteer sprouts from the previous crops. They do this in preparation to plant the new spring crop, which in that particular area will be spring wheat. Joe took this short video with his camera phone last week while driving the 4 wheeler behind the dry fertilizer truck which was topdressing the winter wheat (which is planted in the Fall of 2009).

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