Sunday, January 31, 2021

Gathering Treasures

 Greetings from the farm

As I countdown the days to retirement, my excitement grows.  Both Rod and I are beyond excited as we plan for upcoming  barn events. 

In preparation for either a late summer or early Fall  Barn Vintage Treasure sale, I have begun repurposing my finds and increasing my inventory.  

We have a shop  which is my Mr. Right's domain and he is graciously sharing his space with me.  Truth be told, he loves having me work down there with him (the crazy man!).   Rod said to me the other day as we were driving home from my "latest find" and with treasure in tow, he said, I am so happy that you give me projects wherein I need to buy more shop tools to make stuff. (No sarcasm, he liked that he had a reason to buy power tools).  

Rod building tables out of salvaged barn wood from the old barn

So here is what my world looks like,  I usually have two or more projects going on simultaneously between his shop and my home office, now converted into a work space (which drives Rod crazy - probably because I am exuberant, my word for messy, and possible damage to the wood floor).   

My home office now an impromptu work space

A successful day of treasure hunting

The building site is prepped and in a couple of days, the building materials will arrive.  My builder says the building should be completed by the end of February.  I'm going to hide my "let is snow" pillow that I display on my bed during winter.  I want good working weather so I'm being purely selfish here. 😃

That's all for today!  Thank you for stopping by and I always love to hear from you, so leave a comment or email me at  And I have a request for you,  by all means, please please please share the blog site. That way you and your buddies can follow along on  progress, get sneak peeks what is happening at the  S-Wheat Farm and can plan on attending the events we have planned.

All my best, Gayle

PS my next blog post will be a "before and after".... and the one treasure Rod thought I should have burned. But I said have faith, it will turn out fine!   More to come!

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