Sunday, December 20, 2020

Sweet Stuff

The day was sort of a cloudy dreary day, but the mood inside this gal's farmhouse was just the opposite.  The grand-angels, their momma and her honey spent the afternoon in a cookie making marathon.  The copious amounts of sprinkles, cookie cutters and everything else were put to good use. This is what memories are made of.  Times with family.  With me, it's all about creating good times and good things in the kitchen and the kiddos know just where to head when they want to bake and have fun.

When they arrived, I step outside to greet them and a wisp of wood smoke from the pellet stove wafts by. This makes me remember Montana and the rural homestead of my beloved grandparents. It smells like comfort to me.  I wonder if the kiddos will associate the smell of wood smoke with happy times coming out to grandma's country farmhouse after they are all grown up?  Will they think of all the times together we measured flour, sugar and the other ingredients that go into making something delicious?  I hope so. It's funny what a person remembers and what smells bring back thoughts of happy times.

After a very busy day of making cookies and sweetbreads, my daughter said with this being such a crazy year, no Christmas parties and basically everyday life has been paused - that the girls needed a little normal in the holiday tradition.  And that normal meant coming out to my house to spend the day.  It was heavenly from a grandma's perspective even amid the kitchen chaos of flour strewn counters and gooey frosting everywhere. The kiddos are growing up and I miss the days when I could scoop then up and hold them in my lap. But this is still a fav place to be and I'll take all the days like this that I can. 

The men helped by staying out of the way and being the taste testers

The finished product 

Sweet creations

A sweet way as we get towards the end of 2020.  And with that I wish you a safe and wonderful Christmas. xoxo  Gayle

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