Saturday, June 6, 2020

Living Color Blind

I don’t have to tell you how these last couple of months have been chaotic and fraught with the fear of the unknown.  We all feel it and are living through it to the best of our ability.  Our world as we know it isn’t the same and we wonder if it will ever return to the old normal.  COVID 19 and now with racial tensions over the unjust killings of two men has sparked protests and riots and this seeps into every corner of our world.  And if you notice that I didn’t refer to the two men who were killed as “black”, that was on purpose, as any life lost is a tragedy, especially through brutality.  ALL LIVES MATTER and I don’t care what color a person’s skin is.   No exceptions.

The American Farmer as with the police officers all feel disgust and anger when one of their own does something wrong or goes rogue.  Unfortunately, then the media pounces on that particular offender and the rest of the honorable, caring and hard-working farmers and police force suffer and it feels like the public has “branded them” as a whole.    I know how it feels to be under the microscope of doubt, as I have been in the Ag industry for over 30+ years.  I know first-hand how it feels when the public thinks you are trying to poison them in the way we produce food.   It’s no different when an attorney isn’t ethical and steals from a client.  Or any profession when a person chooses to be unethical.  Those individual bad acts are of the person, not the profession and  those who are in that particular profession who now have the burden of trying to stand tall and do their job to the best of their ability.  All while every action is being scrutinized by others who do not walk in their shoes day in and day out.

Ignorance and hatred are threats to our way of life and it is unacceptable.  I have turned off the TV and am limiting social media.  I am weary of chaos being reported, and while I abhor the crimes committed, those responsible are being tried through our judicial system.    I choose to go about my day to focus on the kindness and the good in the world. I choose to seek equality of all men and women regardless what color and each day practice that.  Am I na├»ve?  Maybe. But living a life that matters in a decent, respectable way, embracing differences of cultures and for lack of a better term, “being color blind” to our fellow man-kind feels right in how I choose to live my life.  WE all matter, each of us.  I was raised to appreciate life and everyone in it. I invite you to as well. And please remember that acts of violence or unethical ways of one person, does not reflect on the rest of that race, or of that profession.  All I can do is be accountable to myself, follow our Creator’s guidance and pray for mankind.  

As always, thank you for stopping by.  Feel free to share this post if it inspires you.  If you do not agree, that is your right and I ask that you please be respectful, as this is my opinion. All my best, Gayle

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