Wednesday, May 8, 2019

A God Kiss

Hello dear friends,

If you have been or are still a follower of the blog, you have noted that it is sadly lacking in current content, mostly a hit or miss event. And I deeply apologize and will strive to do better. And while I have all sorts of words that have been wanting to get said, I’ve been floundering….. big time.  And I miss you and I miss writing regularly.

As I pour myself a cup of coffee, I start my day off  reading the daily passage from a book called Journey to the Heart. I read and reread this book every year and the pages are worn, tattered, earmarked and have markings on the pages that had or still have significant meaning to me.  In it the author talks about how the universe sends down blessings to you and it is just at the right moment. It could be a person or event and it happens exactly when you needed it.  And the term that I heard just a couple months ago says it all… that you were sent a “God Kiss”.  

I’ve been trying to work for sometime on an inspirational cookbook and while  I have content,  it’s a mess of jumbled words and thoughts. It needs order and help… lots of help.   And because I am at a stand still, yet wanting to get it to completion... well as weird as it seems, I’ve noticed  the universe is nudging me to get back on track and buckle down on my book.  Maybe because since I’m being slow and probably being kind of stupid… I’ve had some pretty significant “nudges”  with  the first that came to me a day before Easter.  It was from a cookbook author acquaintance friend who had texted me and several other people about her new FB page on her as an author and on publishing. 

And then 2 days ago,  I had the most amazing thing happen….. another author who writes novels reached out to me from my blog and here is some of what the author wrote:
“I found your blog months ago but have only in the last few days read it in its entirety. I was searching for a clear picture and timeline of farming/harvest/planting--technical stuff. Your blog was perfect. I devoured the first (beginning) years of it, taking notes. I'd planned to reach out and thank you then for sharing all about  your farm and your life as a farm wife and the Ag industry. I read the first few years or so, then decided just this weekend to go back to your blog and read through the newer stuff, just in case I missed something. When again do they plant garbanzo beans in the Palouse?--that sort of info.
Needless to say, my heart literally sank when I learned of the loss you and your daughter suffered. I had not planned to read your blog for anything more than farm and geographic information: research. I was deeply moved. I had to reach out. I do not reach out often and am a super private person and "lone writer." But your recovery was awe-inspiring. Your resilience, motivating. Your spirit and love of life, beautiful.”   After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I almost wept with joy and wrote back to her thanking her for the heartfelt and beautiful thoughts on my blog.

Twice now, this I’ve had the universe prod me in less than a month… guess what, I’m listening!  

Yesterday, the book author wrote me again this time with some very detailed and helpful outlines and tips on what to do next…. And I’m excited.  I know in my heart this was a true “God Kiss” with a little more punch!  So tomorrow as with the rest of many days, I’ll set my alarm for 5:00 am to write.  
A beautiful sunrise last summer

She also told me to keep up the blog posts too. So that is what I’m going to do. Take care my friends and I hope your own version of God Kisses come your way .   

As always, I love hearing from you, so feel free to send me an email at  Blessing to you!     All my best,  Gayle

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  1. I'm so excited that you're writing and thinking about how you envision your book. I've been buried, too, and I don't tell you often enough how your photos and words elevate my day. From my kitchen to yours, sending you hugs and encouragement! xo