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Urban vs. Rural Landscapes

Sometimes I wonder just how much of what I write actually resonates with the blog readers about growing the food that goes on their dinner table.  I can only imagine how hard it is to conceive what the American Farmer does, when this is what their world looks like, as pictured below:

NYC picture from NYC reader, Karla

NYC view from reader, Karla
and when I write and tell the farming story, it is from my rural landscape perspective even if it is still cold & snowy right now.

Rural roads, add snow + wind = a sure recipe for being snowed in

A beautiful winter sunset
80.7 percent of Americans live in urban areas, conversely, 19.3 percent of the U.S. population lives in rural areas. And contained in that 19.3 figure are the roughly 210,000 full-time farmers that grow our food.

So when New York blog reader, Karla  reached out and left me a comment last year telling me that even though she had never been to Idaho, she felt a connection to it and the people through my blog. I had my answer.   Quickly after that, we started emailing back and forth and plans were formed wherein Karla & her boyfriend, Angel would visit my State to see for themselves and of course, see the farm that I lovingly talk about.

I asked Karla to tell me in her words what she & Angel saw, and this is what I received:
Here is our perspective of Idaho while we're traveling:
• Idahoans love the outdoors! Not only we're amazed by the amount of people participating (and the cheerleaders!) at the Triathlon in Boise, but also the number of people we constantly watched on bikes, fishing boats, and camping along our travels in the state.
• Fresh meat, it's the best! Nothing like a fresh piece of meat from the grill (we ate in Salmon and Moscow) good that I couldn't stop complementing the restaurant while my piece of meat last.
• #1 in genuine hospitality. After traveling various states in US, both Angel and I agreed on that Idahoans are the most kind people we have encountered so far. From the store manager who helped us with places and directions once she knew we were looking for a few cultural experiences to the former farm-wife who opened the doors of her house to us to talk about how farm life is like =)
We encountered many people along the way as well; and they were kind, open nicely to talk.
• Amazing landscapes galore! Nothing I've seen like going from a desert climate in Boise to the lush forests of Garden Valley and McCall in just a few hours; or going from moon-like landscapes to the gorgeous hills in the Palouse.

There was much more than we expected and since our trip we've been wondering / planning about when going back to Idaho. ~ Karla

This farm-chick was excited to meet a reader and the short visit was wonderful.

Farm tour- me, Karla & Angel

Farmer Jay conducted the farm tour for them. They couldn't get over the sheer size of the equipment
& the amount of equipment needed to feed America
Farm tour concluded at my farmhouse with a hearty dinner
One day I hope to travel to New York City, see some of those big city sights & catch up over an authentic NYC meal with these two!

Well thank you  for stopping by and as always, I am only a click away at or leave a comment on my blog..... who knows where another story will lead!   All my best, Gayle.

Update 3/4/14, Exiting News!  I am now also writing a food blog for the America's Farmers website. Here is the March blog post

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