Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weird+Real=The FarmChick

It’s 2:13 a.m. on March 23rd and my brain has been “on” now for a bit with words pouring out of me for my blog.  I am unsure why it picks this particular time to let me write, but it is rather annoying especially when it is a work night and I have to force myself back to sleep as I would be getting up in oh…... three and a half hours.  But it is a Sunday morning so here I am, sitting at my desk wrapped in a bathrobe and a fleece blanket….writing.  My farm dog, Luna grudgingly gets up to accompany me to my office and waits until I finish so we can go back to bed. If the blog had sound, you would be able to hear her sigh and groan (really).

I like the phrase that I had coined in my very first food blog (March, 2014) for the America’s Farmers website, “Blogs are like a reality show, only in print”.   And it is true, the words paint of picture of a person's life and there is vulnerability when you open up your personal world to others.
It also made me think about why I read other blogs and why I always, always, always go  straight to the Editor’s letter in magazines first.  I like that up close and personal connection.  The more insightful they are, the better I like it. That is why I have shared good times, but also not so good times with my readers.  I like to think when being vulnerable and open that is makes a bond unlike no other, that people get to see the “real you”.  So here it goes.... yup in case you didn't know it... I'm weird, I have an impish sense of humor that often gets me in trouble, my daughters are some of my very best friends (but I do know they inwardly groan, roll their eyes when they see what I wear when I work outside) and I love the fact that we have lots of fun adventures together.  I try to see the best in most situations, I don't like to be around negative people, when I bake or paint... well as I've said before - it looks like a bomb went off - so I'm messy.  I like to mix old and new things together when decorating.  I love dark chocolate, pizza and beer. Sometimes in that order too.  I am happiest when I am writing, baking, taking photos or playing in the dirt - guess that is my creative side coming out and drowning out the "type A" personality that I am trying to tame....  I feel like the real me is trying to emerge where being weird is okay and I don't always have to be perfect (I am not a Martha Stewart).   I find it refreshing to see others being real too and if they are weird, well all the better.  I am blessed with having a really loving and supportive family - although we can drive each other nuts. Okay, maybe I drive them nuts.  I have some of the most amazing close women friendships that makes me in awe of just being included in their circle.  Sometimes I get lonely as I haven't found a man that I really want to get close to. Could be I am scared, but mostly picky.  I do have a couple of great guy buddies though that I can really talk too. But I do look forward to being swept off my feet and may give in to letting my friend, Kristi, set me up.

So in case you don't believe I'm weird... well pictures don't lie...., So this was me at 3
Me sitting on the handle of my dad's masonry wheelbarrow.  According to my mom I always
had to "add my own fashion accessory" hence another shirt layered over my dress

And here is me now, sporting my own "rural grungy look" complete with the pink & orange striped shirt, blue&white bib overalls, black&white polka dot boots and my red ball-cap with the words "no one listens to me until I fart".... (told ya I was weird)

The real me, in my normal outdoor wear(of course the best part was when daughter, Jen was taking the picture and said... you really aren't going to wear your hat are you???? and rolls her eyes.  Mission accomplished.

To be honest sometimes I struggle with what to write and at times I have soooo much to say and sometimes I'm quiet inside.  I had my friend Mark (one of the most insightful guys I know) who is a band member, song writer and painter over to dinner the other night so I could pick his brain on what inspires him to write his songs.  What I found was there was no magic bullet… sometimes words come out of your emotions, just let it flow and see where it goes.  And I thought yes, some of the most honest blogs were from the most painful moments of my life. Sometimes my brain wakes me up… and says you have to tell them about the real you. Go ahead, post that picture of what you really wear when you work outside... So there you have it my friends, the real me, who  likes to write about Ag, life, kids, grand-angels and being weird.

Can't imagine this pose or outfit will end up on Vogue...

They think it's cool their grandma has her own "personal tractor"
And so... the dog is groaning more loudly and it's getting harder to write.... so back to bed for this farm-chick. And I'm going to blog more, as it is good for the soul (I know it is for me and I hope it helps you too).  Also my next blog for America's Farmers comes out in May and I'll be linking that up with this one. And I  invite you to check it out... it is mainly about cooking, but I did warn those new readers that it won't probably be like a normal cooking blog because.... well I'm not normal - (normal in this household is just a setting on my my dryer).  IF they want perfect, read Martha Stewart, if they want real, then read my blog.  The editors asked for real folks to write about real stuff. I just hope they know what they got themselves into... and with that, I'll call it a night.  Feel free to email me at swheatfarmlife@ or leave a comment.  I always love hearing from ya!  =)  All my best Gayle.

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