Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Promises, Fresh Beginnings

A frosty January morning
Even as much as I love the holiday season, when it’s over, I am ready to start afresh again.   I love January with the “new” promises that will unfold as we start over and pledge to living better, healthier or whatever those resolutions are
Every Christmas my oldest daughter, Jen, makes up a yearly  family calendar and each month has pictures of family on it that corresponds to the events of that month, like January where both daughters & 2 of the 3 grand-angels have birthdays in that month.  The calendar in and of itself is a picture memory book for me, and as I looked through it this year, I wondered where I would be, doing, etc at this exact time in one year from now.  A new year for new hopes, dreams, experiences.  “New and changes” do not scare me, perhaps because of my transient childhood that was filled with ever changing towns, schools and friends.  It was almost like clock-work that we moved about every year and half, due to the nature of the construction business that my dad was in.  I didn’t like moving so often (9 schools in 7 years) but the lessons learned of having to adapt to new situations/people/places has been invaluable ever since.

So what are my resolutions? Finish the book I have been working on. This is my biggest project and one that I needed to have a year under my belt to give everything a full and true perspective.  And to be frank, it is hard to work on as it forces me back to a dark time in my life, but it is getting easier as it is sort of like coming out of a tunnel, where at the end when you emerge from the darkness into the light, you can look back and see where you came from,  and know that the darkness is now behind you and  that you are back in the light and all is well.   Others resolutions… be more organized where it will allow me to spend better/more quality time with family & friends and to write to you more often.  
Me with the grand-angels
Being organized will be critical for me as my off-the-farm job at the university is going full time due to a promotion.  While I wasn’t looking to go back to 40 hours, it was an opportunity that I am sure will be beneficial for me (this is me giving myself the “vegetable talk” …. You know when growing up and your mom said,  “eat your vegetables they are good for you” & you really didn’t want to but did it anyway… well that is my vegetable talk.  So while I liked working p/t I know going f/t will be good for me. LOL) !   I do have to share an amusing college student story.. and it is later on in the blog…

I’ve been working on making minor changes to my home, doing as I call my girly-up the farm-house” projects.  And I just finished redoing my kitchen cabinets.
All wood

Redoing the top cabinets for a black & white distressed look
Fresh paint = new look= love my farm kitchen
I still try to keep up with Ag issues and every once in a while a seminar or event will cross my desk & I think “yes I need to go to that!!!”…. And then I remember….. I am not a farm-wife anymore, and it sort of makes me sad & long for being part of that industry.  But on a bright note, with past accomplishments and contacts I was asked by the University of Idaho College of Ag to help them with a wonderful Ag promotion geared towards providing funds for Ag scholarships.  And so I will be hosting a Gifts of Grain event at my home for area farmers, and I’ll be sure to definitely write about that next month.
Having clean paws means getting to stay inside
Luna the farm-dog enjoys living on my small farm – although we do struggle a bit with the issue of muddy paws in the house…. More on that here.

I’ve been trying new recipes, some good, some not…and when I play in the kitchen it looks like a bomb went off (yes I am a messy cook, but I call it enthusiastic) others just say OMG!! was anyone hurt in the explosion???!!….. But here is a new recipe called Jam Logs. Yummmm.
Jam logs on the OMG Dessert page

As I end this blog, I wanted to share an amusing view of what it is like living in an area with 2 major college towns within 6 miles of each other.  The energy the kids put out… well it’s never dull (and rather colorful with all the hues of them sporting Easter egg colored hair)  but not long ago I was headed into the grocery store, mid-morning on a week-end & see a young college-aged male walking out of the store wearing his bathrobe, pj bottoms, slippers and carrying 2 six packs of beer.  He looked happy. Now I’ve seen a lot of different attire in the grocery store, but never a bathrobe… it made me chuckle to myself (and wish I had my camera).  I’m sure it would make his momma real proud.J (And yes I am hoping that I never find out what my girls wore to the grocery store  when out of the sight of their momma  J)

And on that note, I’ll close with a quote from Oprah Winfrey “ The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams”.  So wishing you the success for making your dreams of 2014 come true and would love to hear your resolutions as well.  All my best, Gayle

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