Monday, December 23, 2013

A Christmas Message

Holiday Blessings from me to you....
Beauty on my Farm

This is my  holiday letter from me to you……..

It’s early, precisely 3:28 a.m. on a very cold December 6th morning and my mind awoke with a message that couldn't wait to get down on paper at a more reasonable time of day. So sitting here in front of the fireplace, cup of peppermint tea next to me and soft Christmas music playing, this is a letter of gratitude and thanks that I want to say to you.

Your love and kind thoughts helped not only me, but my family get through a very difficult journey. And with that, I saw, heard and felt the kindness, love and caring during my time of need. If your message wasn't conveyed in words of soothing comfort, it was the kind smile, the gentleness in your eyes when meeting in person, or the warm hug that conveyed your sincere love and caring. And for that I am and will always be eternally grateful. Those simple gestures, whether large or small made a difference and I wanted you to know that. And what better time than during the season of perpetual hope, Christmas to tell you thank you.

Today and for the rest of my tomorrows I will keep those memories with me, and although my life today is very different from what it was, it is a good life, well-lived and happy. I have been kind to myself too and have given myself permission to do things that make me happy. My sense of humor has come back, I am more relaxed and open, but mostly I just feel good, really good. And as for the Christmas picture, well I know it is not your normal holiday picture.........
See no evil,  hear no evil, speak no evil 
and although crazy and zany, it does convey a good message, that yes there is evil in our world, but we can choose to see the good, hear the good and speak the good . So in my own weird, warped and crazy fashion, that is my holiday message to you. And may you have a blessed and wonderful Christmas, as I know I will.

Warm wishes, love and hugs,

Read on as there is more on cooking, decorating & a crop update from the dog....

If you are unable to view the video, click here ( & Explorer and/or Chrome seems to work the best for viewing the video)


Luna the farm-dog has a crop update.... click here

Yup, I've been messing up the kitchen again... here is a recipe you really should try Jam Logs on the OMG Dessert page
Jam logs

Well I'll close for now as I have to do a bit of cleaning and getting ready for all of my family to come over tomorrow on Christmas Eve.  The day will be filled with lots of good home-cooked food, laughs, making memories of the good times in our lives & mostly celebrating the birth of our Savior.

As always, thank you for stopping by as it made my day!  Feel free to drop me an email at or leave a comment.  Wishing you a very special and wonderful holiday and new year.    All my best, Gayle (& Luna)

Merry Christmas from the pooch & the farm-chick

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