Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What Has Agriculture Done For You Today?

What has Agriculture done for you today?  Well I'm glad you asked!   While our Spring work has been at a stand still due to lots and lots of rain, I thought I'd share some really cool videos on what the Ag industry is doing.

First, here is a picture of what many of the fields around our area looks like with lots of standing water on the fields. We have been out of the field now for over two weeks and are waiting for drier weather. =)  So grab that cup of coffee and take a peek at the videos further down the blog.  Also if you are in a baking mood, better check out the Coconut Lime cake too!

The snow has since left and we are pretty soggy around here
I saw this sign on a farmer's fence in rural Washington state and it said, "if you eat, you are part of agriculture" and it is so true,  we are all in this together. 
"Agriculture is one of the few remaining industries that still has emotion in it, These people don't just farm to make a living, they live to farm." A quote from an article from the Hand that Feeds Us
click here if unable to view the videos

The other exciting news is that the Idaho Legislature passed critical legislation that allows the Idaho Wheat Commission statute to be amended to increase the per bushel assessment on wheat.  This increase will help continue to fuel the research and development that enables farmers to reap higher yields, more efficiencies and more sustainable production practices.  So what does this mean to the consumer? It means the wheat farmers have been self-funding their research since 1959 to continually improve our farming methods in order to provide a better and safer food source for all of us. 
Governor Otter is in the center at the signing ceremony. Farmer Joe is the
2nd from the end on the right.  I think the farmer cleans up pretty good myself...
Of course, I could be a bit partial
So whether Farmer Joe is in Boise (among many others) helping the Ag industry or in the field.....
Farmer Joe climbing into the cab of his tractor

Wheat harvest from August 2011
he is working hard not only for us, but for for you as well.  Anything that helps us in our industry, also ends up helping the customer, so can it get any better than that?

And I’ve been baking again (no real surprise here right?) So make sure and check out my latest yummy, Coconut Lime Cake, found on the Cake of the Month page. If I haven’t made you drool yet, then I’m seriously not doing my job. So go ahead, put on that apron and make one of these delightedly decadent, but easy cakes. Then let me know what you baked and your thoughts.

One bite & you will be hooked
As always, I am honored to have you stop by and read my farm blog and please feel free to email me at idahofarmwife@gmail.com or leave me a comment.  All my best, Gayle.


  1. Gayle, do you know why I feature your blog on ours? Because you always make me think after I read your posts! They're great and to the point!

  2. Hi Mary Ann,

    Thank you for the ultimate compliment, you made my day. Love your pic's on your blog too. Happy Easter with your family. We are doing up a big dinner too. =)