Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Media, Food & the Mom

Miss M enjoying fresh fruit

Miss N eating yogurt and an egg

Do the kinds of foods you buy define you as a good or bad mom?

If you only buy organic food, does that make you a better mom than the mom that does not?

Personally, it is a resounding NO from this farm-wife, but I do understand how media and famous Home-making Divas are influencers and that they want to shape YOUR buying habits. So who do you believe, the media/famous folks or the farm-wife? IF I didn’t live farming day-in and day-out I’d be confused as to what to buy for my family too because every mom I know wants the best for her family.

March is National Nutrition Month and it was fitting that I was slogging through the piles of cooking magazines (yup by the fire, sweats on, either a cup of coffee or glass of wine – depending on what time of the day it was…) I was reading about food. Perusing the articles, I kept seeing mentions in recipes to use “organic eggs” or use organic this and that. Then there were the other ads from companies saying our products are only made from “eggs of free range chickens” and on and on….

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So do I buy organic foods? No, not usually.

Am I afraid of what kinds of products are used on foods produced in foreign countries? Yes I am.

And that is one of the main reasons I try very hard to not buy fruits and veggies produced from foreign lands is because their standards are not as strict as those of the USA. I know what we use on our crops, I know that the products are highly regulated & tested, and I know that our farmers go through training in order to use these products properly. So organic food for this farm family is not the way we shop and eat. If fresh fruit and veggies are out of season, I will try to find those that are produced within the USA, if I can’t find what I’m looking for, then I will buy organic because I may happen to want grapes in January. It is a personal choice by each family and all I can tell you is that I trust our farm and the other American farmers who grow our food. Here is a website I highly encourage you to view, because it is a “conversation about food” and they sort through the myths. So go ahead, grab that cup of coffee or glass of wine and go to Commonground™, conversations about farming and food. I promise you will not be disappointed!

And when you return, I will hopefully have finished posting the recipes for these yummy taste treats.

The recent rain and snow have kept Farmers Joe and Jay out of the field until yesterday, so we are hoping to get some film footage and pic’s about seeding Spring wheat!

Yup this farmwife has been baking and experimenting again..... what can I say but yummm.

Lemon Glazed Pound Cake

or chocolate?

A heavenly yellow cake topped with a chocolate glaze
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  1. Thanks for the straight-forward advice Gayle! As a dietitian, I would totally agree with your expert opinion!

  2. Thanks so much for the great compliment Serena! It made my day!