Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Day in American Agriculture

Okay..... I couldn't help myself and had to show off the pictures & videos that Cody, our hired man took on the last day of the Anderson Farm garbanzo harvest  so one more last look at garbanzo harvest of 2011.  

 Plus today is designated  "A Day in American Agriculture" 

As it is important to connect with the consumer and share what we do,  I had to post more pic/videos as Cody has some great footage.  Plus take a look at what the old days of farming looked like back when Farmer Joe's grandpa, uncle and his dad farmed.  I was excited to come across some great family photos.  

Farming then and now... 

Old combines in wheat harvest, Joe's dad "Andy" is
driving the 2nd combine. 
 Notice the "open air" combines.... that meant lots of dust and chaff for the driver.  I love the little old truck that was used to haul in the grain to the warehouse (big change from the semi used now!)

L to R, The Anderson's, Joseph (Farmer Joe grandpa), JD ( uncle) &
Andy (Farmer Joe's dad)
Back in the old days it took more man power to get harvest completed, smaller trucks and combines. 

Farmers Joe & Jay in their big red combines

Our guys like the "Red" brand of combines

Harvesting garbs in tandem
Today we are taking the trucks down to the Tammany Farm so we can begin preparations to the fields to begin our Fall seeding of winter wheat; we are taking our land rent checks to our landlords. 

Pictured below is a small stubble fire that started when a bearing went out on a piece of equipment that breaks up the wheat stubble (by breaking up the stubble, it helps it decompose better).  Good thing Cody is a volunteer fireman, as he and neighbors had to put out the fire.  It only burned about 10 acres and thankfully no one was hurt or no equipment was burned up.
Stubble fire
As always, thanks for stopping by and feel free to contact me at or leave me a comment.  Also, I received an email telling me my blog was selected as one of the 50 Best Farm Blogs!  Now that is a really huge compliment and I am so flattered!  The "badge" is listed at the top of my farm blog next to my other Farming award.  (Yup, I'm thinking today is pretty special and it's good to be me today)  =)


  1. Another interesting and informative farm post! Congrats on the award...I'd say you definitely deserve it!

  2. Jeannelle,

    Many thanks for the comment posts. Always fun to connect with new people and invite them to see what we do on the farm. =)