Friday, August 26, 2011

Feeding America, Day 14 of Harvest 2011

Farmers are good at improvising to make things work.  Whether it is doing a quick fix with duct tape on some gadget or training  someone to do a task, they make it work. Today Farmer Joe was short handed on help as Cody our hired man was working with Farmer Jay harvesting Spring wheat down at the Tammany farm.  So the farmer taught Ryan, our seasonal help, to drive the semi trucks to the grain warehouse to unload the grain.  As this field is just a mile at best from the warehouse and the ground is level, it was a good training as well as a safe route for our young lad to learn this skill.

The semi truck waiting in the field until it is full and ready to be driven to the grain elevator

The other semi in the field and behind it is the grain terminal
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