Saturday, March 5, 2011

Food, Farmers, Trust and the Consumer

A growing force of farm-wives stepping into the spotlight
to tell our story and promote trust with the consumer
 Growing consumer trust in food and farming, was the main focus on the session that I attended on Friday.  The workshop was called Common Ground that was started up within the mid-west and it is governed by farm-wives just like me.  They are doing many of the exact same things that I am doing, using social media and talking to people about food and farming.  It was reassuring to know that I am on the right track.

The panel of Common Ground farm-wives leading the session
Earlier that morning we had the opportunity to listen to Secretary of Ag, Tom Vilsack and House Ag Committee Chairman, Frank Lucas.  It was encouraging to hear what they had to say and know they are looking out for the agriculture industry.  Their goals are clear, they want to increase exports with some specific countries and they want to help ease the unnecessary burdensome regulations farmers are trying to be saddled with.  To give you an example, the EPA is proposing a new rule to regulate dust that a farmer creates when we are out in the field.   Dust! And I am not kidding on this.  When a tractor is in the field putting in seed for a crop, yes dust is caused, but nature also causes dust when it is windy.  It was learned that the EPA director had never been to a farm before, yet her agency was setting rules and regulations that we must try to comply with.  Is that crazy or what?  So it is heartening to know our leaders understand our plight and are willing to help us, which helps the American consumer.

Today, which is Saturday, I am off to tour a tomato and strawberry processing farm.  As we don’t grow vegetables on our farm, it will be interesting to see what farmers in sunny Florida do. 
Talk to you soon, and hope you are enjoying the blog.  As always, email me at if you have any questions, concerns or to just say hi. 
Best Regards, Gayle


  1. It is always scary to hear that people that are making the regulations and laws that we have to live by have never ever stepped foot on a farm or ranch.

  2. Amen to that! I did find out the head of the EPA was invited out to a farm, but from the looks of current proposed regs/rules - it doesn't seem to have done any good. Heck, I even invited her out, but she declined coming to the Anderson Farm.

  3. Thanks for mentioning us (CommonGround) in your blog! We were so excited to have a full house at our session. Keep up the great work--promoting agriculture!