Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 2 of the Florida Commodity Classic

The best part of the conference are the people you meet, whether reconnecting with old friends or making new friends. We are all like mind farmers here at the conference and you get the chance to meet amazing people. On Thursday my day started off by attending one of the best farm advocate sessions featuring Troy and Stacy Hadrick, fifth generation cattle ranchers in South Dakota. You must visit their website at . Their message was simple and clear, be yourself and tell your farming story as people out there are interested in what we do.  I could go on and on about them, but let say they are warm, funny and down to earth farmers, despite their super-star status within the Ag community.

The other great event of my day was getting interviewed by Pam Fretwell, Director of Industry Relations with Farm Journal. Pam had interviewed me by phone several months ago for her talk radio show and when learning that I was coming to the conference, we agreed to meet in person. We hit it off and seemed like old pals rather than new acquaintances. Pam also got to interview the Hadricks, as pictured below.

The Hadricks being interviewed by Pam Fretwell
One of my favorite booths is the Monsanto booth as they have the best photos of real life people in the rural farming sector.  Here are some of my favorites.

So typical of a rural road and a school bus

Rural mainstreet anywhere in USA

As with farming and life, Moms are the
glue that holds everything together
Well off to another round of sessions, meetings and reuniting with more great folks. I'll post more later on.  As alwys, thanks for stoping by and reading the blog.  All my best, Gayle

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