Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A New Farmerette Has Arrived

On January 21, 2011 our farm gained a new "farmerette", our 3rd grand-angel, Maggie Dee Marie Lowe!  

Of course, we think she is perfect and beautiful and little Maggie joins the other perfect and beautiful big sisters, Brinley (5) and Natalie (2), along with proud momma, Jen and daddy, Soren. 
Maggie Dee Marie Lowe
7lbs 2 oz, 19 inches
Joe holding Maggie.  All through Jen's
pregnancy he had dubbed the baby "Larry"
In our little farming community when our girls were growing up there were several daughters of farmers in each of the girls' class  and some worked on the farm or at the local co-op during harvest weighing in trucks while some didn't work at all.   Our girls worked on the farm during harvest and we will welcome all of our grand-angels too when  they become old enough.   In fact, we really liked having a female in the seat of the tractor as they were less prone to hot rod the equipment.  =)  So with our newest crop of girls, we look forward to more  "tractor drivers".  At this point, there is clear interest from the 2 yoa, Natalie, as her favorite thing is to crawl up on papa's lap and they look at his farm equipment magazines.

This past May, Erin, the young woman (who replaced daughter Kaitlyn when she no longer wanted to work on the farm during summer breaks in college) graduated from high school and we did hire a young man to drive the tractor during harvest and he has some big shoes to fill. =). 

More is on the At Home on the Farm page.

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