Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wild Weather on the Palouse

The one thing that  farmers try to control is to keep our precious top soil from eroding away by utilizing pro-active conservation efforts, but sometimes our best efforts are cancelled out by the weather.  Our winter has been one extreme to another with bitter cold temperatures, then 3 days later the temperatures are in the mid-40's and raining.   This past week has been no exception and we have lost almost all of our snow, we have had heavy rains and the temperatures today were in the low 50's which have caused many fields to flood and run off into the small creeks.  This is not our field, but one that borders next to us.

Large chucks of ice are being
carried downstream along with our top soil 

Hard to tell where the field stops and
where the creek starts

A view of the "lake" which one week ago was
a field planted with winter wheat
 This is part of the cycle of farmers, some things we can control and do our best, others we do our best to accept and cope with events beyond our control.

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