Monday, April 5, 2010

Springwork Temporarily Interupted by Snow

Weather on the Palouse is a fickle thing, especially in Spring.  So with that being said, we are patiently waiting for drier, nicer weather in hopes that we can get back in the fields again.  The spring wheat  has been planted on the Tammany farm, we moved up to the Genesee farm and were able to get some more wheat planted, but have more to go.  We also have garbanzo beans to get seeded on both farms and those plants need much warmer weather to germinate, so I'm thinking warm spring, warm sunny weather thoughts (so is our granddaughter pictured above).  We are probably about 40% done, so we're not panicking about being out of the fields right now due to weather related conditions and will hope the ground will dry out enough very soon. =)


  1. That photo is so cute.. I had let you know a little while in your comment. Last week I was in your state around mt home and twin falls. I drove in snow -- crazzzzz weather.

  2. Yes, Spring weather is crazt and it is typical for our area up North. Hope you found a place to your liking.