Saturday, November 30, 2019

Happy Times Past and Present

I just love this picture as Rod was dragging home a perfect tree

Hello friends,

The urge to write overpowered my desire to finish up decorating the house for Christmas.  I chalk it up to long ago happy memories that swirl around my brain as I acknowledged the passing of my beloved step dad on this day eight years ago. He may be gone, but the heart never forgets.

My beloved step-dad, Doug or as we lovingly called him, Mr.C (left) and my dear sweet father in law, Any on the right
RIP Mr. C and also Andy - both wonderful men
It was through Mr. C who showed my brothers and I what a real dad looked like. And it was him and mom who created lasting family memories of crazy croquet games, BBQs, playing in the snow, and  celebrating every holiday and life event together that still warm my heart to this day.  Sometimes when someone special comes into your life and shows you what a real life dad is like, well his spirit will forever life on in this girl’s heart.

And having just celebrated Thanksgiving this week at my brother Doug and Edie’s new lake home in Cd’A, well it was more than special – it was pure sweetness. There we gathered almost all of our family and extended family to share our day of thanks.  Rod and his son, Zach also joined in the crazy family bliss and he later said to me, “ I am thankful for you and your family, it’s so nice to have family times again”.  In those hours together, we were celebrating family love, life and new beginnings. 

The rings glow as much as Sarah and Kayla do. Wedding excitement
My niece Sarah and soon to be niece-in-law, Kayla, were glowing over their upcoming weddings this year. We talked about how happy we were for my daughter Kaitlyn as she began her new married bliss just a month ago. There was so much happiness in the air.  And even though Jen was celebrating Thanksgiving with her special man in Oregon, warm thoughts of happy were in this momma’s heart.  (I know I am using the word "happy" a lot... but nothing expresses it better, we were all just "happy" 🥰)  Later on in the evening I think we all silently honored those no longer with us and  were thankful for the life blessings in the here and now.

Happy times, simple pleaures
The next day Rod and I went to his family’s cabin to carry on the tradition of going and cutting down Christmas trees on their land.  I have a vague memory of doing that as a child with my folks. 
The hunt for the perfect tree
 I get sentimental over stuff like that, simple traditions to carry on. Then we went back to Rod’s and I made turkey noodle soup, Rod made a salad and he, Zach and I enjoyed a quiet evening. It was a good day.

Special ornaments from travels, lights and tinsel  make a special tree in my eyes

While I treasure all the beautiful times of the past, I look forward to the bright new memories that are waiting their turn to shine. I hope your Thanksgiving was special and hopefully you were able to gather your loved ones together to share your special times.

And with that, pj’s and some left over pumpkin pie are beckoning.   =)  Wishing you all many happy blessings.  All my best, Gayle

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